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  1. TGT General Discussion
  2. TGT Playstation 4 Beta (North & South America)
  3. Closed Beta?
  4. Unable to access the beta
  5. Unable to download the beta
  6. Can we stream this i ask cause email seems to encourage it
  7. Zoom function
  8. TGT Patch Notes
  9. Patch 1.02 downtime
  10. Future Game Modes
  11. Patch 1.03 downtime
  12. Recommend
  13. Trans-galactic tournament PS VITA
  14. Looking for People to Play?Test With
  15. Mind if I start making a wiki?
  16. Other Characters
  17. Streaming all the time, come help QA with me.
  18. Champion Khan
  19. Gamemodes access
  20. Got a few Questions
  21. Player Name List
  22. TGT Question.
  23. Plunder Ball Bug/Cheat (I think?)
  24. Initial Thoughts
  25. Inconsistent highlight bonuses.
  26. Xavilla
  27. XP and/or Coins
  28. Couple things that def need added
  29. A Game Designers Perspective
  30. What's up with the Lock vs. Arrow symbols on certain champs?
  31. BASE ATTACK Cool Down REMOVAL!!!
  32. Feedback from new players
  33. Cheating
  34. Apples All-Star workout not affecting stats?
  35. Custom Games/Private Matches + Future Tournaments
  36. Another Plunderball Exploit
  37. Bots Showcasing costumes
  38. PKYXPICKACHU #1....Glitcher
  39. Changes to Workouts and Badges
  40. A Problem Is Growing (Fix soon)
  41. Bowling workout???
  42. Balance ideas for buffs and training.
  43. Nexi seems to be OP
  44. Game Mode ideas
  45. hotfix of some sort
  46. debuff tweeks
  47. Max rank?? More champs???
  48. coins
  49. Blind Pick Option?
  50. Hard to make friends
  51. BRR: Balance Request/Rant
  52. stop saying nerf
  53. A proposed change to Nexi.
  54. Requested Changes For the game (List) (Non-Champion Issues)
  55. TGT - Help get the word out!
  56. Anyone else Lagging?
  57. 4 Khans, Too much.
  58. Leaderboard Reset
  59. We need matchmaking fixes..
  60. List of Working/None Functioning Character Weapons
  61. Leatherhead, sun bringer.
  62. Leaving matches early.
  63. Veteran Joke- Free Smiles.
  64. Level range matchmaking
  65. Daily Challenge Proposal
  66. I spelled my name wrong, can i change it?
  67. Player Poll: TGT Live Tournaments
  68. I need some contact info from someone at kiz studios
  69. Some constructive criticism and feedback to the devolopers.
  70. Character tips, tricks, bugs, and needs.
  71. Clash of the Khans.
  72. seige mode
  73. 30 coins per kill annihilation
  74. Devs There Are Some things Wrong With You Ability Descriptions
  75. Perfect Way To Test Stuff guys!
  76. Tier 3 Punching Bags
  77. Dear Devs any chance of us getting a higher level cap?
  78. Take bots out of ranked gamemodes.
  79. Starting a Reddit community?
  80. #1 and #2 of Leaderboards Face Off 1vs1 Video
  81. The joys of being alone on your team
  82. Please fix the plunderball camp.
  83. Message to Kiz Studios
  84. Team Comp Discussion
  85. TGT on Twitch (Promo Code Giveaway)
  86. Question for devs - Ace's jumps
  87. Came across a cheater
  88. New ideas for game
  89. Servers Down
  90. Heads up fellow tgt players
  91. What is hex?!?!?!?!?
  92. Game Crashing 24/7?
  93. Is Triage useless?
  94. Spread the Goodword of TGT
  95. Punching Bag +0?
  96. Update didn't fix anything!
  97. Destroyer (Game Mode)
  98. Rook "God mode" Breaking the game..
  99. Calling All Youtubers and Streamers!
  100. For a game advertised as a MOBA, it doesn't have the traditional MOBA game mode.
  101. How do I report a player for hacking?
  102. So are we gonna take a look at Girded?
  103. Boosts before the match
  104. Balancing
  105. Something needs to be done about the ball holders in plunderball.
  106. Have an Awesome Khan Build You Want to Share?
  107. Xavilla
  108. Level 30 Hype
  109. How is the leaderboard score calculated?
  110. Game Updates
  111. Lfg
  112. Question about the relationship between reflect and resistance debuffs
  113. 30 n 30
  114. FoV Option
  115. Khan rapid hit?
  116. TGT Soundtrack
  117. Coins
  118. Daily Challenges
  119. About ninjette.
  120. Bots in practice arena?
  121. Crusher
  122. Time to coin discussion.
  123. mic&team work
  124. Quick Comment/Review on the game.
  125. The lack of variety is making this game kinda boring.
  126. Champions???
  127. About Workouts
  128. Patch Notes?
  129. Ninjette Shadow Stalker Passive (T's & O's)
  130. bonus coin weekend
  131. looking to start a team
  132. stop crying about khan and nix
  133. Champion skills stat ****ysis
  134. streaming TGT 10pm
  135. u can't kill everyone
  136. Is this game run via peer to peer or actual servers?
  137. thank you KIZ
  138. Good character to buy and build
  139. Attack speed (bug, glitch)
  140. Khan Nerf
  141. machinegun needs to get nerfed.
  142. Player skill level
  143. What I hope to see for this game.
  144. Using a modded controller...probably
  145. Community Private Matches
  146. Ninjette squishiest Champ in the game ATM
  147. Curiosity Kills Cats Huh? Take This Poll!!!!
  148. 2 questions
  149. New champ friday
  150. So I worked up my coins to get a new character...
  151. Forum
  152. OP, hackers
  153. Mino build ideas anyone?
  154. What's better Max Elbow Pads or Max Athletic Tape hmm...?
  155. Those who think Khan is OP
  156. I hate losing my coin boosts that I paid real money for cause the game crashes.
  157. Minos is a Great Example of Balance!
  158. Brackets and Tier pages?
  159. Replay Option and Team Invite
  160. A few changes that I believe this game would benefit from.
  161. LF Full Nexi Premade
  162. Training (bowling) question
  163. Looking for a team
  164. 4 man Nexi Team
  165. looking for team mates
  166. 1st Ever TGT Community Tournament! Sign Up Today!
  167. Looking for a team for the Tournament?
  168. Need Party
  169. Acheivments and where they go
  170. Recruiting for TGT Tournament
  171. Stream Team!
  172. To those of you who say "Speed Drain" as a counter Khan, stop and think.
  173. Message to the Developers-- PLEASE Watch!!
  174. favorite champ
  175. Khan is OP?
  176. This a is a video i made of theis game.
  177. Looking for a Nexi that dominates in annihilation
  178. Punching bag?
  179. Kizststudio you should remove badge Machine gub
  180. whats a good build for minos?
  181. how do they factor leaderboards?
  182. Major imbalance with new patch, leatherhead now unstoppable
  183. I can't wait for another patch
  184. Need 3 players for TGT Plunderball Tournament
  185. Official Wiki Launch Stream
  186. Heros
  187. Bowling
  188. can we get more gold per match or more awards?
  189. What counts as a HEX or Debuff?
  190. 2v1 Plunderball overtime
  191. *Urgent* *Attenttion* Developers Please Respond
  192. TGT Tournament: Badge Refresher
  193. I'm actually really glad that they nerfed Machine Gun.
  194. Twitch
  195. Please fix Khan
  196. Game Rewards
  197. Glitch/hack idk just watch!
  198. POLL: TGT Leaderboard Seasons
  199. New character it been two weeks
  200. major thoughts on game as whole
  201. How not to crash!
  202. Different builds for different game types
  203. Ive about had it with wasting my coins...
  204. Important Tournament Update!!! Please Read and Respond
  205. Tribunal System For Unsportsmanlike Behavior
  206. badges pros and cons
  207. Team Sign-Ups Almost Over
  208. tounament style play(picks and bans)
  209. Looking for a team
  210. Question about the PC version from an old veteran
  211. What do hex duration mean?
  212. Question concerning Xavilla's name
  213. lvl 30 looking for people to play with
  214. Non tournament members do not use practice please!!!!
  215. First Ever TGT Community Tournament is Now Over!
  216. Tournament Feedback Forum
  217. Free Agents
  218. New player - looking for regulars
  219. New player level 30 Looking for some friendly gamers!
  220. Girded
  221. How Many Smashmuch Champions Fans Are Here?
  222. Suggtions / future guide
  223. Kiz Studios please respond
  224. Trans-Galactic Tournament/KIZ News #1
  225. I know who the next character is!
  226. Is now all Champions have just one style build ?
  227. Best Day/Time to host an event? Need Feedback
  228. Group
  229. TGT Extreme MEGA-STREAM!!
  230. VooGoul First Look
  231. Coin Farming Tips
  232. Kiz Studios Community Facebook Page!
  233. Vooghoul bot
  234. 2ND Ever TGT Tournament, Annihilation it shall be :)
  235. DO Vooghoul's Weapon Inferno Gloves works right ?
  236. Patch
  237. TGT glitch - funnies scenes
  238. Looking for team
  239. Keeping bought perks/builds?
  240. Looking for people to play with
  241. Fix it!
  242. Holy Gold Prices
  243. Update 1.09
  244. Just an idea for Vooghoul
  245. Looking for a team.
  246. Friday night teams!
  247. Just hit 40. The grind is over! For...now
  248. Why do you enjoy TGT?
  249. Need a team for the upcoming Tournament?
  250. Announcer Says That Kidz Should Include