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03-29-2013, 09:03 AM
Welcome to the Kiz Studios Forums! Here, we'll discuss our games and collect feedback from the community about bugs, features, and upcoming games in development. We highly value community input and try to integrate user feedback into our games as much as possible (we're making the games for you, after all!)

If we can help with anything, just email us (gamesupport@kizstudios.com) or ask a moderator.

Our current games are:
Might & Mayhem (http://www.kizstudios.com/mightandmayhem) (iOS/Android)
Critter Escape! (http://www.kizstudios.com/critterescape) (iOS/Android)
Jiggle Watts (http://www.kizstudios.com/jigglewatts) (iOS/Android)
Smashmuck Champions (http://www.smashmuck.com) (PC/Mac)
Chuck the Muck! (http://www.kizstudios.com/chuckthemuck) (iOS/Android)
Halos (http://www.kizstudios.com/halos) (iOS/Android)