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07-29-2015, 09:46 AM
So you found a bug!
Firstly, thank you for playing hard enough to find it! Secondly, thank you for coming here to tell us about it!

We'll do our best to address problems you bring to us, and we are very grateful to you for taking the time to let us know if something went wrong. With that in mind, it can be hard to explain when something breaks, especially because some code breaks in really weird ways, and only some of the time. Trust me. I hunt bugs, too. I know how frustrating it can be!

In light of this, I've put together some resources and tips! It is my sincere hope that this information helps you communicate what we need to know in a way that makes sense to you, and without taking up too much of your time. These are tools for your use, essentially guidelines and clarifying questions that are totally optional! If you don't remember exact details, or some section does not apply, then don't worry about it. Any information on errors that you can share with us is very helpful anyway!

Things to think about:
There are a lot of places code-bugs can hide, but its pretty easy to tell us what we need to know. To help us narrow things down, think about the following things when you write down a report for this forum.

- What happened?
- What was I doing when it happened?
- What was I expecting to happen?
- How did it affect my game?
- What Device/OS was I using?

And you're good! Those answers are super helpful when you tell us about a bug, and can make both finding and squashing it a lot faster. If you have more to say, or aren't sure how to phrase your answers, check out the questionnaire next.

Bug Reporting Questionnaire:
This is perfect if you have a pretty good idea of when things started breaking, but aren't sure what went wrong or how to make it happen again. You can copy-paste this to your post and just replace my plaintext with your answers! How easy is that?

- What device do you use?
- What happened to your game? Tell us in a few words what happened to your game.
- What were you trying to do when it happened? This should describe what you expected to happen.
- Which fighter(s) were you using at the time? If you had an opponent, who were they using?
- Were there any special circumstances you can remember? (i.e. battle boosts, items, timer)
- Were you able to keep playing the game? If not, what was keeping you from continuing?

And that's it for that! It's not too complicated, right?
That's...not complicated enough? Well, have I got a format for you. Up next is...

The Bona-Fide Bug Report:
This is a super-detailed format for reporting a bug that takes as much information as possible. The idea here is that anybody who looks at this report can reasonably understand what went wrong, and recreate the problem at will. If you have enough information to fill this out, ToastyDonut will be out of a job! Just kidding, but you will basically put the fix on the fast track and make our jobs super easy when rooting out a bug. A quick fix means more time to put towards developing new things for you! Copy and paste the following form to your post, press 'Preview Post' and replace my non-bold prompts with your answers!

Title: A 5-10 word description of the bug you found

Description: A slightly more in-depth explanation of the situation

Type: The system affected by this bug (i.e. Menu, Social, Ability, Trait, Item, Battle, Animation, Texture, Particle, etc.)

OS: Which OS were you using, and what version?

Device: Which model did this happen on?

Severity: A rating of the bug's severity. Use a standard scale of 1-5:
1=crashes game, 2=locks up game, 3=unexpected outcome, 4=visual error, 5=superficial detail

Occurrence: How often this bug occurs/can be reproduced

Repro Steps: Provide a step-by-step procedure for causing a bug to happen again.
(i.e. 1) Select Campaign: Area: Battle Name, 2) choose team A/B/C...)
If you don't have that much detail, go ahead and describe the situation in which you encountered the bug as thoroughly as possible.

Additional Notes: Any other notes about the bug that clarify the situation.
For example: 'Trait Evade is not affected, but Item (boots) Evade are,' or 'This also occurs on the following fighters...'

Screenshot: Sometimes it's very helpful to snap a screenshot so the coders can see the actual manifestation of the bug.
If you have one, attach it here! you'll have to use the full-service Advanced Post writer, not quick reply, to attach an image file.

And with that, you have essentially written up a real bug report ready to file! This is obviously the hardest one to fill out if you aren't paying close attention to every movement of the game, but if you do have that information, it will make finding that bug a snap!

Once again, thank you so much! Community bug reports help us help you...if that makes sense! But seriously, though, we really appreciate your help.

Happy Hunting!!
- ToastyDonut