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02-25-2016, 02:07 AM
here are some champ upgrades/workouts I tested on Z-314 which seems to be strangely calculated:

1) Base HP = 1250
purchase the workout +10 % max. health and you get max. 5 x 125 HP plus.
ergo: hp workout scales with the base health

2) Base HP regen. = 33
as with the Base HP the workout scales with the base HP regen.
+10 % HP regen. = +3 regen.

Now... the first strange but comprehensible thing.
3) Base Energy regen. = 30
also scaled with the base value.
buy the +10 % energy regen. and you get a addition of 2.
I checked the + 5 % energy regen. and noticed they rounded the 1,5 value down to 1.
Yeah right.
Filled up the whole all-star tree with +10 % and you get + 10 energy regen.
All in all you loose +5.

All workouts are calculated with the basic values.
Now the weapons (as a counter proof)...

4) If you purchased a +10 % energy regen. you should have a energy regen. of 32 (just one workout).
If you change a weapon to -10 % energy regen. you get a minus of 3.
what we got:
+10 = +2
-10 = -3

there are some of these wrong calculation.

with regards

02-25-2016, 07:27 AM
Weapon calculations are off this is correct so scale with base stats some scale after.