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06-01-2016, 02:49 PM
Ahoy, Mighty Mayhemites!

Greetings from our little realm, where many changes are afoot!

For starters, we're bringing the option to change languages, starting with Spanish, French, Italian, and German. More languages will come in the updates that follow. Hopefully that will help us expand the footprint of the game to a much wider audience.

We've also decided to change how fighters unlock to mirror the item crate system. As part of this change, characters will no longer require specific items to evolve. While we enjoyed the former evolve method with all its interesting choices, the update simplifies and merges the level & evolve systems. There's a lot more to this. Let us know if you'd like to hear more!

As part of the fighter update, we'll be temporarily suspending our “Realm Defender” World Events. So use your Tokens while you've got them. Any remaining Tokens will convert to Gems. A reimagined version of World Events will be back later this year, and all the loot will surely follow.

A bevy of fighter ability changes have snuck their way into the update as well, primarily to provide a significant benefit to any new evolution gained. For example, Lancer and his Impale ability currently gains only a small improvement in Stun chance when evolved. In the update, the chance will remain the same when evolved. However, if the Stun fails, Lance-a-Lot will Slow his target.

We're also shaking up how items upgrade. While none of the item effects have changed, we no longer support items upgrading into more rare versions, eg. Bone Dust no longer upgrades to Bone Shards. Instead Bone Dust can be upgraded multiple times to improve its base stat value. For example, when upgraded 5x Bone Dust (a Common item) is equivalent to a base level Bone Shards (Crafted), and when upgraded 10x its stats equal a base level Goblin Bone (Superior).

Part of this change also involves removing the “Dust” currency. Instead, upgrading items will require Gold, and Recycling items will add Gold to your account. Any Dust remaining in your account will also be converted (at a generous rate) to Gems.

With this update landing within the next week or so, doing nothing and seeing what happens is a valid choice. However, to anticipate the changes, consider some of the following options:
A) Recycle any unequipped Items and using the impending Dust conversion to bank some Gems.
B) Upgrade Items you like to a higher rarity now while you still can, as rare Items will become more scarce in the new system.
C) Use Items to evolve characters. Reaching the Elite evolution will also be more challenging in the new system, so now's a good time to go after any higher evolutions you've been wanting.

Perhaps the most exciting change will be the introduction of 4 new playable fighters. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of root beer-- at long last, Black Beard and team of scurvy-hating Pirates will be joining the Mayhem!

So stay tuned for the update. Once posted, the patch notes will fill in all the details. It’s going to be a great summer!

Happy Battling,
Dan Haney

06-04-2016, 01:43 AM
Herro! A couple questions:

will the coliseum/PVP remain in the update? And if so: will the cost stay the same?

And with world event tokens being put on hiatus...does that mean the associated SINGLE (I assume the battle packs will remain) characters will be unattainable during that time as well? Like the Scarecrow.

Finally, gift chests: Would you recommend opening them before or after the update?


06-07-2016, 02:06 PM
Hey, thanks for the interest! The Elite Tournament will not see any changes in this update.

If there's a particular fighter you do not currently own, but can grab via World Event tokens, get it while you can. Most of the battle packs will actually be gone, except for Starter Pack, Rat Pack, and Master Pack. Purchasing the Rat and/or Master Pack will remain the only way to unlock Fat Rat and Dragon Cyborg, respectively, with Shield Keeper (Registration) and Imp (Refer-a-friend) as the only other characters with unique unlocks. All other fighters will be available -- via crates -- to those at Castle 9. Lower-level players will have a smaller pool that increases with each Castle level.

As for the Gift Chests, they will be essentially the same. However, based on some of the rebalancing & auto-leveling changes (fighters participating in battle will now automatically receive ~50% of Orbs won immediately after a battle), you may see a small uptick in Orbs from Gift Chests.

06-07-2016, 07:16 PM
Thank you so much! Love the game and look forward to the updates.

Perhaps in one week...just so the World Events have time to cycle through at least one more time....?