View Full Version : Season rewards broke the game

08-12-2016, 01:46 PM
Finished season and was missing the relics I expected to get, leaderboard screen allowed me to redeem rewards ( the wrong tier of rewards actually, was rank 7/10 and it listed tier 1 rewards) and inventory multiple times, giving mea few hundred anchor Annie tokens, and none of the pvp reward hero tokens. However Annie has no model in hero selection and selecting her in a campaign mission shows no model, a blank window for skills, and no longer allowed me to resume or exit the mission.

Now the game doesn't launch at all, hangs at loading while showing me global user event notifications if i leave the loading screen on.

Additionally before all this happened I noticed pressing next in a crusade mission as reset rolls over neither progresed nor let me exit the crusade mission as the menus became unresponsive.

Also I received some items yesterday with out ANY stats, rare platinum amulets (I believe) with no prefixes or suffixes, and no item text.

Username ButtJourney