View Full Version : Evade Bug?

09-17-2016, 12:32 PM
Hello KIZ Studios Community.
Serri here with an interesting find.

I notice that each time I stun a hero during a battle, who is wearing evade equipment, they continue to evade my attacks while they are under the state of being stunned. Is it supposed to be possible for a fighter to evade an attack while stunned? It does become obvious that the evasion feature could use some balancing, or else you will be able to equip evasion gear and gain an almost unstoppable advantage.

Just an interesting find that I thought that I would share.

Happy Gaming :cool:

09-19-2016, 10:45 AM
The stun effect does not currently disable a character's ability to evade. It is something we've discussed several times, but have resisted the change.

The Vampire Bat's Disrupt ability is currently the only way to disable a character's ability to evade. Fighters like Blackbeard and Lesser Vampire (aka Coagula) have attacks that cannot be evaded. Also using attacks that hit all enemies can negate an evasion strategy. Certainly stacking a team of evaders or stacking evade items can provide an advantage against some teams, and facing a team of evaders can be frustrating. However, over time players have not reported it as a serious issue.

That said, we're always trying to improve the game. So if y'all demand change, change is possible!