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03-21-2014, 06:27 PM
Nice game you've made here, great 3D graphics that runs smoothly. Just a few issues I personally have, first is the game closing sometimes when a battle is initiated which forces me to spend gold on training my troops again, because technically I fled the battle, not game breaking but rather irritating. Second, the crafting system is a bit crazy, bronze alloy being upgraded to an anvil, rather than a bronze helmet, doesn't exactly make sense but yet again not game breaking. Maybe you guys could think about enhancing the crafting system, rather than item a->item b->item c you could maybe do something like item a+item b=item c you could also bring in a crafting tree, showing what items you need to craft the item you want. On that note you could have raw materials like bronze alloy that doesn't provide a bonus, but then you make say a helmet or sword or magic rune out of it which then provides the bonus just for a bit of realism, just something to ponder.

And also on the home screen where you see your castle and you can rotate around to see the alliance statue and barracks, could increase the sensitivity of the rotation a bit cause it's really hard to get it to rotate.

03-21-2014, 08:23 PM
Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

We originally developed a more traditional crafting system (more like the type that you mentioned) where items are treated much more like raw materials which combine to create higher level items (A+B+C=D, D+E+F=G, etc).

We decided to go with a simpler upgrade/disenchant (dust) system, to better suit mobile gaming and a more casual audience, while still retaining the depth of strategy that the items add to gameplay. We think we struck that balance fairly well.

The "crafting" system was switched around relatively late in development and we didn't really have time to revisit the items from the old system, so we are left with item upgrade chains that are quite illogical. We plan to revisit some of the more bizarre item combinations and replace individual items, but keep the abilities associated with them, simply replacing the objects themselves.

Right now, we're cleaning up some of those straggling desync & disconnect bugs that you mentioned and once the more serious issues are all found and corrected, we will address some of those visual & conceptual inconsistencies. We have a lot of really interesting abilities and characters in the works that we are excited to get in the game too! We plan to continue evolving it as we begin to understand how it's being received and which elements really resonate with people.

Thanks again for the critical feedback! We are very interested to hear what people think of the game so far. We're pretty excited about the potential that we've built into the game and hope that players enjoy it. What you see now is just the very basic core of the game. :) More fighters, abilities, leaderboards, events, alliances, and PvP tournaments are all still to come, so please stay tuned and keep the feedback coming!!


ps. What type of device are you using? I'm wondering because we have tested with a lot of devices and the sensitivity of the main menu has never seemed to be an issue...

03-21-2014, 09:11 PM
I'm using a phone called Vodafone Mini, it's a pretty cheap 'beginner' smart phone, I can get the dimensions if you want, or just plug the name into google.

03-21-2014, 10:00 PM
Thanks! We'll try to get our hands on one of those devices to reproduce & troubleshoot the sensitivity issue.

03-21-2014, 10:49 PM
Alternatively you could add arrows that move the islands around, or when you tap barracks it swings around to the barracks.