View Full Version : M&M Bulletin - April 2014

04-01-2014, 02:02 PM
Dear Australia and New Zealand!

Hello and thank you for playing Might & Mayhem along with us! The last few weeks have been an incredibly exciting time for us, as we finally unveiled our latest obsession with the public. So far only you fine Android-loving folks in NZ/AUS have had the chance to play Might & Mayhem, but in the next weeks and months we will be ramping up our launches.

Next up: Android users in Canada get to join the mayhem! Having all those new users on our servers will be interesting, but hopefully it won’t affect all of you. When we have determined that everything is stable, we will release the game to the rest of the world, while adding support for iOS devices along the way.

Unfortunately, while we’re busy spreading the mayhem, we won’t be able to deliver much new content. To thank you for your patience, we are working on getting a special new character added to each and every one of your accounts. We’ll have more info on that soon. But please do be patient! We have a ton of new content planned for both this summer and beyond! What kind of content, you ask?

Track your Arena Battle progress against other top players!

Battle against teams of enemies, including Wolves and Orcs, new Robots and Dragons, mystical creatures of the Wastelands, and some super badass Pirates. Winning battles during each event will give you a chance to unlock any and all of these new fighters!

Team up with your friends to battle giant bosses and hordes of enemies and collect tons of loot!

Elite Missions:
New story missions will give you a chance to team up with the realm’s unique Elites!

Designed situational battle setups that force you to find the right strategy to win the battle!

So yes, we still have a lot of content we want to share with you! However, it’s really important to us that we first share the game we love with new players across the globe. We hope you feel the same! All the great feedback we’ve received so far has been amazing, and we hope you mighty fine folks stick around and help us while we grow our community. This beta period is just the beginning. Much more mayhem awaits!