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05-19-2014, 08:56 PM
I'm a big supporter of M&M thought I'd start a thread for ideas for new heroes something help the devs plan for the future of the game

One of the heroes I'd like to see come into the game:

Druid - First skill could be single target that could remove buffs from the target hero. Second skill could be a aoe that has a low chance stun one hero. Passive could be a healing skill after three rounds buffs all heroes and heals small amount of hp over time

05-20-2014, 09:46 AM
Some interesting ideas, Sora!

With all the new fighters on the way, you'll also be getting access to tons of new abilities-- one of which is a low cost dispel, like you suggested. We did try an active heal-over-time ability on Priestess/Divinity, but it was tough to balance. But hopefully we can add something similar in the future.

Thanks, and keep the ideas coming!

07-08-2014, 12:59 PM
How about a cloner? It would look like a blob till that players turn. It comes into the game randomly selecting any other character in the match at the beginning and then stays that character till the end of the match. It would still need to have artifacts equipped but with it changing characters players would really have to think things thru. :)