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07-01-2014, 04:21 PM
Hey everyone!

Here’s a quick update to let you all know what’s happening in the land of Might & Mayhem from our vantage point here at Kiz Studios. With the last update we added our new event system, and introduced you to some new teams of Werewolves, Orcs, and Robots. We also added 5 Mythic items that provide fighters with unique abilities and visual flare. Upcoming in the next month we’ll be adding 5 new Mythic items, and each one can instantly change the face of the battle in wild ways! Want more mayhem? A new team of enemies will be joining the event roster… Egad, Dragons!

While our artists finish up on the dragons, our team of crack coders have been hacking away at a multitude of scripts to optimize the performance of the game. Battles are running cleaner and smoother, and heavy menus are losing bloat. But the most exciting development in our current cycle is adding support for iOS devices. Cross-platform battles are indeed a reality. Arguing for the superiority of Samsung or Apple? That is so 2013. Soon we can settle the debate in the Might & Mayhem arena!

In the next month we plan to release the iOS version of Might & Mayhem on the App Store in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. If all goes well, our worldwide launch on Android/iOS will follow soon thereafter, and we’ll turn our focus to the Alliance content. So prepare yourselves, tell your friends, and get ready to spread the mayhem!

Got any questions? Let us know on the forums! Tell us what you’re looking forward to! And if you’re nice, maybe HolyToledo will share some new screenshots!

Now get back out there and keep battling!

07-07-2014, 02:43 AM
Dragons...finally the day has come. Must hit level 50 before they're live!