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07-19-2014, 12:22 PM
We're hard at work preparing for the next update! We will be adding new event characters along with more red items and lots of bug fixes. We've attached a couple screenshots of the upcoming dragon event!

Thanks for playing!!



07-29-2014, 07:28 AM
Per request, here's the fighter info for the upcoming event, "Egad, Dragons!":

Infernus (Elite):
1 - Lava Blast: overpowered damage attack that Enrages target.
2 - Infernal Rage: AoE damage attack with critical AoE damage chance.
Trait - Hoard: any remaining AP at the end of turn is saved for use the following turn (max 2 AP)

Corrodus (Elite):
1 - Acid Cloud: AoE Poison attack.
2 - Smokescreen: AoE damage attack that Slows all targets.
Trait - Life Drain: A portion of damage from each attack returns as health.

Hellkite (Elite - Hellblazer):
1 - Melt Armor: a low cost no damage ability that Exposes a single target.
2 - Flame Burst: medium damage attack w/ critical damage chance.
Trait - Battery: has a +AP chance at the start of each turn.

Dream Lurker (Elite - Zyzzerix):
1 - Acid Spit: a strong poison attack with a short duration.
2 - Nightmare: has a high Sleep chance with no damage, but deals high damage to sleeping targets.
Trait - Immunity: greatly reduces values of any incoming Poison or Injury.

A note on Sleep: it currently lasts 4 rounds, but is removed with any damage or heals.