View Full Version : The problem with the Arena.

07-28-2014, 08:48 PM
It has no meaning, no value and isn't accurate.

Just because I am rated number 1 in the Arena, doesn't mean I am the best player in the game. It just means i've played against bots more times then everyone else and won.

(Lets be honest, it's really tough to lose against the terrible AI. Unless bugs occur which DOES happen)

From what I understand, weekly player tournaments will be out eventually but I still don't see how that will really do anything. My predictions is that if X player plays Z more times then Y player, X player will be considered better. Seeing as you can play against bots an infinite amount of times and there is no "stamina" system for the Arena. (which their really should be)

Not going to get as much into the whole Player vs AI / Player vs Player. However, it's fairly obvious what will work in the long run and what won't.

5 Arena Passes per day per player and only VS player would make so much more sense.

I don't have any elaborate ideas currently on what to do about it at this time. I am sure Dan, Holy, etc are very aware but I am posting this just in case

07-29-2014, 06:57 AM
Assuming the game has a larger player base after worldwide launch, most arena battles will be PvP, so leaderboard rankings should hold more value.