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09-17-2014, 02:17 AM
First off, I'm really enjoying the game and can't wait for it be released :) The battles have been fun and I haven't gotten bored even in longer fights. Unfortunately I started to struggle at mission 1-4 and 1-5 (the ones just before Lord Bot). So I thought I'd go get some orbs from previous missions to see if leveling my team would help. Then I found out I wouldn't get a reward without beating the next difficulty level in a stage so I was really stuck. That made me really confused and I had no idea what to do and where to get more orbs since there is no event up (that I can see anyway). So I thought I'd check out the arena and I won my first battle and I got orbs \o/ Then I lost my next battle and didn't get anything for trying my best and not leaving the moment I saw the other team was 3 lvls higher than mine. So I've come up with a few things that could improve the game for ppl who are just starting out / aren't that good at the game. Or for ppl like me who play mostly with the team they like and enjoy and not necessarily the best team out there :D

1. Add small rewards for playing a mission you have already beaten. Maybe 5-10% of the initial amount of orbs.
2. Add a small orb reward for playing arena, around 5-10% of what the winner gets. This would encourage ppl to play the arena more even if they aren't good at it or don't like it that much.
3. A help section where you could check things like where to get orbs, gold etc.
4. Make the dailies reset at midnight local or server time instead of 24h timer. I finished my daily really late last night (open 10 chests and I struggled to clear missions) so now I have to either stay up really late or wait until tomorrow :/

Feel free to correct me if there are other ways to get orbs besides the arena, chest you find on the map screen (only once a day per map?) and playing past missions on higher difficulty. Also please don't make the actual battles easier, just give us a way to get an edge in the fight by leveling our team a bit easier.

09-17-2014, 09:30 AM
Hey, thanks for the feedback. Really glad you're enjoying the game!

If you're having trouble beating a mission the two easiest ways to get orbs/gold is from maps chests or gift chests. The Map chest refreshes about every 4 hours. Register your account and friend some folks in chat (or tell your friends to join!) so you can start getting some gift chests.

Providing reduced rewards for completed missions is something we've discussed, so that may be something we revisit in the future.