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10-24-2014, 12:35 PM
Doing some arena grinding today, and I suddenly got into a battle with the Dragontron-X

Level ?
~10k HP
711 Attack
Single character against my three.

Receive a thrashing I did. Wish I'd grabbed a screenshot.
Is this an easter egg the admins have left in the game for lucky players?
Will he appear again? I'd like my revenge - ill be better prepared next time.

10-24-2014, 01:10 PM
Correct on all accounts... good luck!

Luke Cross
10-27-2014, 05:29 AM
Wish I saw this before I retired. I did my first arena today (before I even killed the king robot in the campaign) and I had a team with Dragontron X and Solo, and then in the third position a plethera of supporting no name characters. Every game I lost only the support cast, and one game my opponent decided to focus on DragonTron, and he revived in time for me to get a flawless victory. I got to Master and needed 7 more kills to get to paragon, but at that point I only had Dragontron and Solo left. I resigned and got my rewards, cause I wasnt sure if I would lose them if I lost, and I felt disadvantaged.

Knowing DT-X could have pulled the extra weight is good to know for future :) I had a LOT of fun with my first arena experience. Thanks!

10-27-2014, 11:07 PM
Hey luke,

I'm fairly certain that if you lose in the arena you still get your current level of reward. I do have one experience (out of nearly a dozen elite arena) that seems to tell me if I die i get the previous level of reward, not the current one - but im fairly certain this is not the case. Perhaps the admin would be so kind as to confirm?

However, the Monstrosity I was mentioning in my previous post was in the normal, pvp, ranked arena. I found him again today.


Note: Hes weakened by about 150 AP in this picture and exposed for 192. He still hit my big chief for about 1800 with Onslaught. Subjugate was hitting for about 800.
As you can see, Hes a touch more powerful than the normal Elite Character

10-28-2014, 09:16 AM
First of all, we should clarify:

"Arena" in M&M is our ranked PvP system, similar to "Play" mode in Hearthstone.

"Challenge" or "Tournament" battles is our draft system, similar to "Arena" mode in Hearthstone.

So any confusion is understandable.

Luke, I believe you are referring to Challenge mode, where you drafted DragonoTron. As Suburban wrote, you can encounter DragonoTron by himself in Arena. While DragonoTron is pretty powerful, every character in Challenge battles is at level 30. The DragonoTron you can run into in Arena is WAYYYYY beyond level 30.

As for the rewards in Challenge mode, whether you retire or all your fighters get KO'd, you earn the current level of reward. So if you're close to ranking up but only have 1 or 2 fighters left, you can take them in to try and get the last KOs you need. There is a bug in the current build where if in a battle you get the requisite number of KOs to rank up a level, but you lose the battle (and have no fighters left) you do level up, but the game gives the rewards from the previous rank. This bug has been fixed in the next patch.

Challenge mode is really a fun way to play. Glad you liked it, Luke!

10-30-2014, 07:38 PM
Once you defeat Dragonotron Boss in arena, will he still appear or has that occurance been officially completed?