View Full Version : M&M Bulletin - December 2014

12-03-2014, 03:41 PM
Hey there! I think we’re overdue for one of these, so here’s the latest update on the current state of Might & Mayhem development:

This autumn we made good headway on getting our Alliance system into the game, however, the deeper we progressed, it became clear that a number of underlying issues with the main battle system needed to be resolved. Furthermore, as many of you are well aware, we also had the problem of players disconnecting during battles. Some of these disconnects were due to legitimate connection issues, however, we also had many players shutting down the app mid-battle, leaving their opponent is a sort of limbo-state, despite efforts we had made previously to address disconnects. Both these issues combined have forced us to restructure how our battle system works. While this has pushed back our development schedule, the overhaul has opened up a number of new and awesome possibilities. We do apologize for any frustrations you are dealing with, but we are confident that the end results will more than make up for any delays.

What does this mean for the future?
While we cannot promise any firm dates at this time, we can assure you that our programmers are working diligently to complete the revisions and debug any resulting issues. The next update will be released as soon as possible, and will include not only the revised battle system, but also a new World Event.

What’s happening with disconnects?
1) After a disconnect, the game AI will now finish the battle for the player who lost connection, instead of causing a forfeit.
2) If a player reconnects and the battle has not completed, they will be returned to the battle at its current state-- not at the point when the disconnect occurred.
3) If a player reconnects and the battle has completed, they will receive the battle results and any rewards upon reconnect.

What about Alliances?
Alliances will be coming in the new year, allowing many players to attack a single epic boss, with its health pool persisting across all clients. The new system also allows horde-type battles, a key part of our plans for Alliances and beyond.

What about these new and awesome possibilities?
While none of these features are coming soon, the way the battle data is being processed will now allow for battle replays! In the future you may also be able to engage in larger scale PvP, like 2v2 battles, or 3v1 battles!

What else is going on?
Our Atlanta studio released Jigglewatts!! Check it out! (http://www.kizstudios.com/jigglewatts) Here in Charleston, we’ve also been working on The Official Might & Mayhem Strategy Guide, which will be released with the next update!

Until then, keep that battle-train rolling!