View Full Version : Some issues after last update

01-08-2015, 09:54 AM
First i want to thank kiz studios for creating and developing this beautiful game. After last update i experienced some bugs. I will list them above and if find found new one i will update list. Btw sorry for my weak eng. I hope i can explain this issues.
* infernus traid does not work
* i have some trouble selecting hero in fight who stays on my right slot.

01-08-2015, 12:23 PM
Hi there! Thanks for your report. We are aware of both these issues.

The bug on Infernus' trait "Hoard" is not something we can patch immediately. Instead, we plan on removing the Hoard trait from both Infernus & Fat Rat until we push our next update. We will likely replace the Hoard trait temporarily with Battery-- this change should come into effect in a few hours. Battery did have a bug earlier today, but that has since been resolved.

The issue with selecting the fighters in the right slot was an attempt to prevent accidental selection of abilities when selecting fighters in that slot. There is currently a dead zone above the ability buttons that also cannot be resolved until the next update. However, players can avoid this issue by rotating the camera so fighters are not in that dead zone.

Thanks again for your feedback. It makes all the difference as we try to make the game as excellent as possible!