View Full Version : The state of the game as I see it (WARNING: Super long-winded)

Matt A-Row
06-26-2015, 01:10 PM
I’d like to start a discussion about the state of OUR game as it stands today. It’s a discussion. I’d like to hear everyone’s opinion. It’s also super long, you can just read the bold text or read the other thread.

First, let's establish a few things that I think we can all agree on:

The key to advancing in the game is acquire and max out a team that uses First Strike on one or more fighters. It's often FK first, then it evolves to Sabreclaw, Infernus & Scorch, and then other variations. What they all have in common is First Strike on one or more fighters. Once you have a first strike team or two, you can kill all the bosses easily, World Events become a question of how many tokens you want or need and the Arena is no challenge at all.*
Dozens, maybe hundreds, of players have figured this out. The vast majority are no longer playing because once you figure that out, the game is no longer interesting, challenging, or fun.
The few of us who have stuck around love the game for our own reasons and want it succeed so we can keep playing.

So here we are: A very small group of us (~20?) who love the game, have their preferred variations of first strike teams, and are grinding out one goal or another until the update comes out. When the update comes out we’ll all set new goals. Maybe things will change dramatically, maybe not.

In the meantime, here we are. I don’t know about you. I’m pretty bored with grinding.

*The exception is when you fight a live opponent in the Arena. That’s when Might and Mayhem can be truly interesting and fun. The problem is that it isn’t nearly as fun as it could and I think should be.

Why? Because when any two of us meet, what it usually comes down to is who got their First Strike and who didn't. Are there nuances and different super streaky weird scenarios that sometimes happen? Sure. Are they fun, surprising and even funny? Sure. Once in a while. But the vast majority of the time, First Strike trumps all other items. Way more often than not, you can guess who’s going to win before anyone attacks. Who doesn’t groan or even forfeit right away when your live opponent has 2 or 3 first strikes and you don’t have any?

But here’s the question: Do WE want to make OUR game about more about strategy or more about luck? Some of you, Silhouette in particular, will maintain that that’s the way KIZ has designed the game. First Strike is part of the game. Battle Boosts are part of the game. Deal with it. Stop complaining.

To a certain extent, that is true. But we have just as much power as KIZ does. Without us, KIZ will have a multi-million dollar failure. As the leaders of the game, we set the tone. We can make our own rules and standards within the parameters that KIZ has designed. Players in other games do it. Peer pressure can be applied in positive ways. As new players come in, especially if/when many new players come in, (If KIZ marketing plan is successful) they will look to us and do as we do.

When I was new-ish, like level 30 or so with no elites, the top players, Silhouette in particular, did not take it easy on me or share tips or advice. He ruthlessly destroyed me time and time again with his level 50 Elite first strike team. If I did get close, he’d use a Battle Boost. When I had the audacity to suggest that we shouldn’t use BB in the Arena, he mocked me and got even more ruthless, using BB when he didn’t even need to. He and the others at the top of the leaderboard – most of whom are gone now - established that winning was all that mattered. Win at any cost. I had no choice. I bought a bunch of fighters and Battle Boosts, opened hundreds of crates and built my own First Strike teams.

So here’s how it goes today: Build your First Strike team. Destroy any AI team without even having to pay attention. (That’s about when most players quit) When you do match with a live opponent, luck is either with you or not. Maybe you’re a gambler at heart and that’s super fun for you. If you’re happy with that, you probably stopped reading a long time ago.

I think Arena will be more fun and challenging if those of us who have maxed elites leave the First Strike teams for World Events, where beating the AI as fast as possible earns more tokens. Fights should be FUN in the Arena. Not fast. It shouldn’t be about who got lucky and who didn’t. That’s not a strategy; it’s a gamble. And Boosts are for weak players, not those at the top of the game. Players at any and all levels should have a chance against any other player at any level. Duels are supposed to work that way, but there’s no real chance when you are level 30 with common items and you’re fighting optimally equipped Elites, let alone when the Elite player throws in a BB.

If anyone has read this far, thanks for taking the time.