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Matt A-Row
07-15-2015, 01:22 PM
Ok, this morning we had six members online and started a stage in the Robot raid. We started the whole event yesterday and, coincidentally, also had 6 members online/participating, confirmed in the raid log.

In the middle of the stage, when my first team was KO'd, I purchased the Beat Down Boost. 6 members online at that time, all actively fighting in the raid except me. I then chose my 2nd team and completed the stage.

Immediately after we finished, I went to the Arena to see how much attack boost we got. All three of my fighters showed +55 attack when I inspected the Beat Down status effect. (For the record, team was Screed, Shaman Koh, & Inigo)

Here's where I need clarification...

Q1: I don't immediately see a mathematical equation between 6 players online and a boost of 55 (9x6 rounded up?). Please tell us how this should work.

Just now, I was on with a different team (Sabre, Infernus, Spike, if it matters) and the Beat Down Status effects reported +25, +17 and +15, respectively.

Q2: What's going on? After the battle was finished, I checked and saw that there we only 2 alliance members online. Is there a relationship? Is this expected or is this a bug?

Since we had 6 members on when we began the Robot event and six members online when we started raid during which I bought the boost, I don't know which is being applied.

Q3: Is the boost based on how many are online when we begin the event or the stage during which we purchase the boost?

Q3a:Is it based on how many alliance members are logged into the game, regardless of what they're actively doing or do the members have to be fighting in the raid?


Q4: Thinking about it more and after re-reading the Beat Down boost description in-game, maybe the boost is tied to the number of players online when the Arena battle begins... Is that it?

If it is, that is a huge difference. I never would have spent 500 gems. Our alliance is spread out around the world and there are rarely more than 2-3 online at the same time without a significant effort to coordinate like we do for the raids. If that's the case, I strongly urge you to reconsider, especially if you want to have a worldwide user base. This would create de-facto nationalism within alliances and I don't think that's what you're going for. Maybe I'm wrong, but I like having Russian members.

Q5: Please explain why I saw the same boost (+55) for all three fighters the first time and different boosts for each fighter the second time. I'm thinking this must be a bug...

And please don't interpret any of this as complaining. I love this game. You all work very hard. I get it. I've been in development for over 10 years. This update was massive and there will be hundreds of issues. Feedback is a good thing.

And I'm a pain in the *** ;-)


Matt A-Row
07-15-2015, 01:49 PM
Ok. I just went fought in the Arena and I was the only member online. The boost was reduced to trivial numbers.

So, I've answered my own questions 2, 3, & 4.

That leaves Q1 and Q5. I confess it's possible that all three fighters did not have the same boost the first time. I can't remember for certain if I checked all three.

And as far as my feedback wrt to spending 500 gems to buy something I didn't understand and would not have purchased if I had understood: Seriously, I speak for my alliance, none of us will buy any more. A boost of 7 or 11 attack is not worth it.

With love and appreciation!


07-15-2015, 02:22 PM
Hey there E--

Thanks for all the great feedback you've been providing.

Regarding the Beat Down boost, it is calculated based on each fighter's individual offense stat. Both Screed and Inigo have the same offense value. Koh's is quite a bit lower, so I think he was one you might not have checked that first battle. In your next battle, all the values should have been different, as Sabreclaw has the highest offense of the bunch, then Infernus, then Spike.

Regarding the cost of the different boosts, we anticipate each one will have different value for individual Alliances. That +55 attack seems like it could come in handy in Arena battles, so I hope you wouldn't begrudge other Alliances who want to coordinate and get the maximum value for the boost.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Matt A-Row
07-15-2015, 02:30 PM
Ok. Thanks for the reply. +55 is awesome, it just won't happen often for us. We might have to re-think the international approach. That's unfortunate.