View Full Version : Any ideas for next update???

07-21-2015, 07:00 PM
This is for anyone with any ideas they have that they think would help improve the game. Serious and silly ideas are welcomed, this is just brain storming because I am waiting for my team to revive.

This is just off the top of my head and its only a suggestion... but i think like a spectator mode would be pretty useful. I dont know if thats possible but it would definitely benefit any new players that want to watch veteran players work their magic like E or Sil. And that would be a great way to kill time if you're waiting for your team to revive like me right now lol.

Another thing that i feel would be really cool would be if like, twice a month there could be like an in game tournament between players. there could be like a pre registration fee that players have to pay using gold, not gems because those are hard to come by unless you beat kiz during the dev challenge but uhh... lets not talk about that right now lol. The reward could be either a premium crate, gems, or maybe even a ridiculous amount of trophies.

And lastly... this may seem silly to some but i feel like it would be amusing if during the fight, instead of hearing the sounds of our attacks, there could be like an comedic announcer that just says funny stuff to liven up the mood while in the arena. I dont know about anyone else but when a game incorporates good comedy into their gameplay, in my eyes that goes a long way. I know Kizstudios has some funny people so just record their voice, maybe alter the pitch a little, have them say funny stuff and viola!

Some stuff may sound ridiculous as i am aware but as i stated earlier... I am just brainstorming.

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