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Matt A-Row
07-31-2015, 01:33 PM
I have previously suggested that adding a confirmation dialog when spending gems is:

A. User friendly. No one wants to spend gems accidentally.
B. Pretty standard in the app world
C. Saves KIZ time and money bc no one has to investigate and manually reimburse players

For whatever reasons, it has not been implemented. Fair enough. You have always reimbursed me when I've asked and KIZ is quite generous when it comes to free gems.

Now it's a problem with Alliances, and it's putting me in an awkward position.

Only Captains and Leaders can spend Alliance gold to start a raid. The amount of gold to start a raid is totally trivial in the grand scheme of things, but you have instituted a hierarchy to prevent members from spending alliance *gold*. Ok, cool. Good idea. I support this.

But any member can spend Alliance gems - FAR more valuable than gold - any time they want by reviving for (Alliance) gems. This really doesn't make any sense.

Anyone in the alliance can clearly see when any other member spends gems or gold. Transparency is good, Kudos.

In our case, a member has spent 695 gems. Anyone can see that. Ok, it's ~$7, but that's not the point. I've asked the member not to do it anymore and that member has done it several times since, each time claiming it was accidental. I did it once myself accidentally, so I'm willing to give anyone a "mulligan" or even two.

Now the alliance members and captains are - rightfully - asking questions. I'm placed in a position of demanding to be reimbursed or kick the member out of the alliance and all the while, this member is claiming innocence.

I don't think its fair to put me in a position of calling someone a liar or in the position of demanding to be reimbursed and being the enforcer when this particular situation and the entire issue of spending gems anywhere any time can be solved by implementing code that is fairly ubiquitous.

Please help. I don't want to be the bad guy.

Thank you for all the hard work.

07-31-2015, 03:01 PM
Hey E! Thanks for bringing those issues up!

I've considered what you said about the Alliance Vault control issue very carefully.

On gold-control:

We implemented the captain/leader rank requirement for starting a Raid not to control gold spending, but to enable the coordination of timed events. Though there is no time limit on the Raids themselves, an encounter starting at the wrong time could cause the Alliance to fail the objective, which would also cost them the Raid. It seems safer to leave that responsibility in the hands of vested Alliance members.

On the thought of gem control...you are being a lot more patient that I would be!

Gems are real money and--you're right--valuable. But, they are super helpful for Alliance members...for example, stacks of healing, defense, and damage buffs are removed when a team KOs until the participant can rejoin. For lower level Alliance members (or small Alliances), those buffs can be crucial to success, or even survival. Therefore, we couldn't justify denying access to the gem vault for some players and not others.

With that in mind, we realize transparency and accountability are very important. The Vault Transaction menu and Raid Information tab are tools for the Alliance to monitor spending and contributions, and provide the necessary tools for communication and proof.

Frankly, if someone spent unwittingly spent ~700 gems, I would give a stern talk about carelessness and unjustified spending to my Alliance, and remind everyone that gem contributions are essential and beneficial for all (it's not uncommon for guilds elsewhere to charge a participation fee, after all...). If the same person made the same decision again, I'd kick them from my Alliance. Straight up. I warned them!

If you communicated your objections to wanton spending, you aren't the bad guy for upholding your rules. It's your Alliance! Plus, you gave this person more than two chances! That's pretty darn lenient, if you ask me!

Hmm...Maybe you could delegate this to a rule-enforcing Captain, if it's something you don't want to worry about! Just make sure that player is someone you trust. :) Another idea is to start a General Discussion thread for your Alliance, so that you can post cut-and-dry rules as well as coordinate Raids.

Thanks again for the feedback, E!

Happy hunting!

Matt A-Row
07-31-2015, 05:22 PM
Thank you for the thoughtful and timely response, Toasty. Your reasoning and justifications are solid wrt ranking, rights and privileges within an alliance.

However, this does not address the larger issue of accidentally spending gems.

I'll start a separate thread to discuss that.