View Full Version : Feedback from new players

08-06-2015, 12:34 PM
I was finally able to convince my friends to give this game a shot and both are more disappointed with the game experience than I am. Neither of them play any moba/dota games. I love Awesomenauts and Vain Glory by comparison.

Friend 1: hated the experience, he sounded very frustrated. I think he got decimated by some high level players. The base weapon cool down really frustrated him. He called the game Diablo Weaksause Edition. He probably won't play again. This guy loves Diablo, he plays the Souls series, loves Destiny, etc..

Friend 2: was frustrated but more willing to learn and figure stuff out. He asked about the controls right up front and asked if you could change the camera. This player started with Brutus and was losing badly. He switched to Khan and had more fun, was winning some matches with me etc.. This player likes heavy RPG games like Dragon Age, The Witcher 3, but he also plays Destiny.

So the two biggest things I take from this are that the intro into the game is flawed and the tutorial is very poor and lacking. Many players don't know what is going on and don't understand the complicated tab menu with sub menu functionality. (like displaying the champion stats by hitting triangle in the champion screen.)

Also new players really do need their own matchmaking playlist to start with up to a certain player level. 10 maybe? Matching new players with default characters up against experienced and leveled players is unfair. No character balance can fix that.

Lastly, in a game that speaks action game and includes action game types a base attack cool down timer is a hinderance and frustration for new and experienced players. Changing this aspect of the game benefits both player types. Experienced players aren't hurt by this and gain more freedom and new players can instantly feel more comfortable with the controls.