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08-07-2015, 01:39 AM
TL;DR Certain Workouts can be changed for the betterment of the game, for all players.

Brace yourselves. This will be a long read.

As ive played games, read over the forums, and watched match after match play out, ive come to the realization that its not a single character who is OP, but instead a single stat. Well, two stats actually.

Physical Resistance and Elemental Resistance (henceforth referred to as Damage Res)

Damage Res can be used in such a way as to reduce damage to minuscule numbers and can even be used to reduce damage to 0 if the Damage Res is over 100% (which is entirely possible using Rank 3 Elbow Pads). However, if a player fills all 5 Strength Workouts, they are allowed to buy a Workout Badge, and there is one Badge in particular that really stands out to me.

When dealing less than 70 damge with a Basic Attack to an enemy, inflict -75% Damage Resistance for 5 seconds

Now doesnt that sound like the perfect way to deal with those pesky high defense Khans? It sure does.

“But SurFuzzleWoot, how am I supposed to use a level 25 Damage Badge when im level -1?”

Well my slightly annoying and somehow able to LOSE 2 levels friend, unfortunately you cant, but that is the aim of this post. I propose that this Damage Badge be moved to be one of the first ones you unlock, so that low level players will have access to it sooner and that Fire Finish have its damage increased to 70 damage per tick(rough guess. Completely untested) and be moved to the last tier of Damage Badges in place of Crush, all in the hopes that lower level players will use it as a way to combat higher level players, while still maintaining higher level players having access to powerful Strength Badges.


Just in case that doesnt fix everything, I also propose a change to a few different Workouts to help put them more in line with how this game is played. First up Elbow Pads. Currently Elbow Pads is a problem, so lets look at the current Rank 3 version and see where the problem lies.

EDIT: Since i posted this ive been looking over the characters, and i realized that even with these changes, a few champs (namely the turtle) would still end up with a Res of over 100%. i now believe that a hard cap should be implemented, or diminishing returns on elbow pads should be used. maybe even both. damage res is going to be a hard thing to balance. Either way ive changed the numbers to reflect my new opinion

Elbow Pads (Rank 3)
+20% Physical Resistance
+20% Elemental Resistance
-10% Hex duration (debuffs you apply are 10% shorter)

when the reality should be:

Elbow Pads (Rank 3)
+15% Physical Resistance
+15% Elemental Resistance
-5% Movement Speed
+5% Debuff duration (debuffs applied to you are 5% longer)

this change alone would help change the tide of battle against players that want high Damage Res. By making them easier to maintain debuffs on, and slower to get away whethey get surrounded,

Another change should come from Chin Ups. Currently Chin Ups is:

Chin Ups (Rank 3)
+20% Basic Attack Damage
-10% Max Health

“But SirFlippyCakes, how is this bad? The Champion is now a glass cannon right?”
Unfortunately my hungry friend, no. 100% Damage Res means that even if a Champion has 100 HP, without a debuff, he still hits like truck and takes no damage. Even if you debuff him, hes still hitting hard, and in most cases rather fast. Simple solution.

Chin Ups (Rank 3)
+20% Basic Attack Damage
-5% Basic Attack Speed
-5% Max Health

Still makes them more glass cannon-ee while also reducing the frequency of attacks, meaning longer reaction times to players who are playing high defense, high basic attack

“But OfficerFuzzyFace, cant they just counter that by having high Health Regeneration?”
Way ahead of you my BoJack Horseman watching friend.

Apples (Rank 3)
+20% Health Regeneration
-5% Basic Attack Speed


Apples (Rank 3)
+20% Health Regeneration
-10% Max Health

This one just makes sense to me, though im sure a few(lol like the internet EVER produced only a few) might disagree. From a real world perspective I dont understand how my speed becomes lowered by being healthier, but even from a game perspective I feel this one is just kinda wonky.

“Well SurfNTurf, I guess thats everything?”
Well my 5 star friend, it is......


Thanks to all who actually read this and im really sorry for the length, but hopefully these ideas will find a home with some of you and maybe these are changes we will see. Or maybe not.

Jason Rob
08-07-2015, 01:48 AM
These changes would be very productive I agree 100%

08-07-2015, 02:53 AM
thanks jason! i honestly think alot of the workouts need to be reworked, spme just arent competative at all, while others need blancing changes. these were just the only ones that popped out at me immediately and that i thought i had pretty good solutions for.

08-07-2015, 03:38 AM
Cap damage res at 95% problem solved

08-07-2015, 06:40 AM
Damage res definitely needs a cap. I think a movement speed reduction would be way too big a penalty because as it stands with base movement speed there are far too many khans that simply run away with that movement speed increase and there is little any one person can do without another backup champion for stun or something. So I agree that a cap is needed. Maybe not as high as 95% but something at least, and some workouts could use some tweaking as well.

08-07-2015, 09:34 AM
95% damage reduction is actually not that bad. really i think it could be capped at 99% and it would still be viable. alot of the problem is Res being over 99% Also why not movement speed? you want to play a turtle/tank, then you get to move like a turtle/tank.

-5% seemed the perfect number to me, with five elbow pads thats a total of -25% move speed. khan hits his ability and hes stil at like -10% move speed. i think its a fair trade honestly, but you know thats just my opinion

the only other option is to change the value of the Damage Res from from +20% (capping at 100%/99%) to like 17% (5x would be 85% increase)