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08-08-2015, 07:24 PM
Okay. So, after writing an outrageously long and nonsensical post about the topic of needed changes, I found out that I had been signed out in the mean time and that EVERYTHING that I had just spent the last hour writing had been lost despite constant reminders that it was being automatically saved.

With that blunder in mind I'll keep this as short as I can.

I got into a game of Annihilation earlier and, much to my dismay, was pitted against a team with three Khans and a Rook.
I'm sure the grievance that Khan is the most overpowered champ in the game right now simply because he pretty much does everything that every other champ does, and does it better, is already well known so I'll move on.
My team consisted of two Kilowatts and two Brutes.

Suffice it to say, we were slaughtered; 42:6 in fact. This was because we were repeatedly one-shotted by Salvage Strike with no way to retreat or counter-attack. And no, I do not mean that all three Khans landed their Salvage Strikes on us; I mean a single Khan would chase us down and kill us in one hit with no hope of escape. The Rook needed two hits to kill us, but that's not much better.

Naturally this outcome stems from a combination of factors, including poor cooperation among my team(myself included), squishy champss with relatively low damage output, and very durable opponents with outrageous sustain, mobility, and damage output.

I'm not one to usually fret over a loss, but this is just too much for me to hold my tongue and say GG.

My suggestions on how to fix this situation so that no one ever has to experience it are as follows:

1: Nerf Khan.
It's probably been said a hundred times, but he really is too good. Either nerf his stats so that he doesn't outshine every other champ or give him a more fixed role instead of the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-everything schtick he has going now.

2: Limit Team Composition.
I know player freedom is a good thing, but having it be this open to abuse just makes it not worth it. People will eventually find out which champs are better than others, so keeping it at one of each champ per team is enough. If you want to keep things varied and keep people from hogging champs each and every game then implement a system that penalizes them for doing so; force them to either pick a different hero or wait a few extra seconds and give someone else a chance to grab it. It will add variety and make the general experience much more pleasant and interesting, even if such a system would cause a few minor grievances.

3: Buff Everything.
This is probably the craziest idea of all, but hear me out. Khan is an enjoyable champ and he's actually in a good spot if you ask me, but the problem is that he outshines all of the other champs and is thus overpowered. If all the other champs were buffed the playing field would be leveled and the individual champs could be more fleshed out and unique. Other games have done it in the past and it tends to fix more problems than it causes, so long as the community does a good job of stress-testing everything, which brings me to my last point.

3a: Incentive.
Giving the community in-game rewards for being active and bringing in high-quality data about the current state of the game and what directions it can go in will encourage people to do a good job. Eventually a circle of reliable contributors will form and things can only go up from there.

In closing, changes need to be made and these were some suggestions I came up with that seemed to fit the bill. Hope things get fixed soon.

Good night everybody, and don't forget to save your work. Otherwise you'll regret it.

08-08-2015, 09:27 PM
2 things i want to say:

1. i still agree to disagree with anyone who thinks khan is op, especially now after the hotfix that reworked his old numbers. try playing with players who are actively debuffing him, and make sure to work with your group (even in pugs, sticking near a team mate is better than trying to solo).

2. when you lose the stuff you have typed on this forum (has happened to me A FEW times lol) try pressing the back button on your browser. sometimes that will back your browser up to the stuff you typed (has worked EVERYTIME for me) and it will usually reappear on your screen.

as for your suggestions, i disagree with most of it except for the incentivizing, though i dont think that will be neccesary until they release more champs.

that is all, carry on.

08-09-2015, 06:21 PM
Khan is considered OP because he does pretty much everything and does it well. No champ except another Khan can catch up to him thanks to Battle Plan's movement buff, he's hard to kill and has good sustain, and his damage is respectable.
Any of these things would be fine on their own, but since Khan does all of them he essentially has no weaknesses. Sure you can stun him, but that still requires at least half of the team focusing on him and ignore his other three teammates, which may or may not be Khan's as well.
I don't have all the answers, but something needs to be done. More heroes need to be added, currently existing heroes need to be buffed, and Khan needs to either become more specialized or he needs to have his numbers reworked some more.

08-09-2015, 06:37 PM
Its not my intent to start any arguments on here, but as i said already, agree to disagree.

while khan is a force (no one here is discounting his sustainability and movement) i find a group of khans far less menacing than a group of Nexi's. sure they may have the advantage in plunderball strictly for their movement, but any other game mode, movement speed is far less of an advantage. in annihilation Nexi's are queen (with her ability to debuff, gain attack speed, stealth, and heal herself) and the same could be said of platimus (see: DEARDEVILMAYCRY4) and yurtle the turtle (i always forget his name) in conquest (their abilities to hold positions are insane, even after being debuffed).

while i understand your frustration, i assure you, khan IS NOT the beast of all game modes, and saying that he needs massive reworks before the other champs are released (i believe at this point weve been told that number of new champs is in the high teens although i think i also read it was like 30, though im unsure if that was additional champs or champs total) is a faulty line of thinking at this point.

hitting level 30 is a big game changer in how you build your champs with damage badges being a big part of playable strategy.

again, i must state that these are my opinions (though at this point ive played enough to feel fairly certain that these are closer to truth than just hear-say).