View Full Version : Some Glitches I have found Part 2 (Platimus Highlights addition)

08-11-2015, 09:13 AM
1. Platimus' Puggles: Yesterday me and a couple people noticed something odd concerning the buffs and puggles. The text states that on allies they should receive 10% attack damage and 10% skill effectiveness. The damage is not stacking correctly. When put on nexi she was only gaining 1 damage per stack (only stacked twice I believe). Since *skill effectiveness* is rather unclear we don't know what this is suppose to do thus we don't know if it is glitched or not.

2. Puggles Visual: After the buff goes away, the puggles themselves do not and can constantly stack until all you can see is the green blur of plus signs and rotating rainbows.

3. Highlights: Currently highlights are not working correctly. Sometimes I will receive highlights when I have the lowest kills/captures/etc. rather than the highest and vice versa.