View Full Version : bonus coin weekend

08-26-2015, 11:27 AM
Can u devs think about making the weekends a coin boost

08-26-2015, 02:34 PM
I like that idea, although I've gotten so many xp and coin boosts already for this game that it almost does't seem necessary. They give you 5x of each just in the ps plus starter pack.

08-26-2015, 02:57 PM
After u get to lvl 30 . U do not get any more of that stuff . And trust me it's take along time to grind for coin if your buying tier 3 workouts .

08-26-2015, 03:06 PM
Ah ok, I'm still level 18 or something, in that case I think a double coin weekend would be a great idea.

08-26-2015, 04:13 PM
I don't like this idea. Mostly because I work at the hospital every weekend.