View Full Version : A few changes that I believe this game would benefit from.

09-06-2015, 12:00 AM
First of all I'm not one of those people who played the game for a little while and decided "I'm done game sucks here is what should be better". The last time I checked I was 3rd on the conquest leaderboard to add some legitimacy to my changes.

1. If we buy a badge we should keep it and not have to rebuy it if we bought a new one. Example, You buy a tier 3 health badge. Decide you don't want it anymore and buy a tier 3 resistance badge. That health badge you spent coins on is now gone.

There should be an inventory system that holds these badges that you purchased and no longer have equipped. This would benefit the game in the long run without making it too grindy like it already is and it would probably make people more eager to buy coin boosts that way they know, what they spend they keep. Where as right now, if you buy a badge you best **** keep it on or else "Bye bye Mr. Badge".

2. Build pages. Since this game isn't like traditional MOBAs and is more like an MMO in terms of these badge tables. If it was made so that you could have more than one, I think we'd see alot more builds than the traditional stack defense, ability power and whatever people put on the blue badges. With the pages you could select what things you want and it ties into the badge is bought and kept thing that way coins aren't wasted.

How would this work in game? Well when you select your character and if you have multiple pages it asks once you pick which page you want to use. Fairly simple.

3. Each class of characters should have different badges. This one would take work but I think the game would benefit from it. As of right now, Tanks, Fighters and Support classes have all the same badges, so we get the same cookie cutter builds everywhere. It also causes balance issues, looking at you Khan.

A tank should not be able to be nearly invincible and still kill people like it was nothing. Tanks in other games sacrifice the ability to do major damage for the resources to stay alive and be in the front lines drawing enemy attacks.

As of right now, tanks don't need anyone else and can do everything by themselves.

A fighter, or whatever the melee characters like Nexi are called, shouldn't be able to become tanks. I mean seriously, if I can make a Nexi that takes as little damage as a fully beefed up Khan, then that is kinda removing the point of these call types. I'm not saying get rid of defense badges entirely here but maybe no tier 3s.

Supports, this is a class that I am most familiar with as a I main Kilowatt. Right now my Kilowatt can survive a 3 v 1 fight, and get out of there with plenty of health to spare. Now support classes traditionally are there to heal, debuff, and be like the back lines in games. But right now, they can tank, kill and debuff/heal. Support classes can do everything that all the other classes can do, so what's the point of the others?

I personally think if they are going to keep the badges the same for all characters/classes, then maybe they should get rid of the classes, just tell people if they are ranged or melee.

4. Give people a bonus for playing the less popular game modes. Lets face it, we know plunderball for some reason is the most played game mode. I don't get it, it seems to me that people would rather extend games to farm for leaderboard spots than actually play in that mode. But whatever. Let's say you give people a boost for playing Conquest or Annihilation.

As it stands you gain with no boosts, 1000 coins/1000xp for a win. If you played in a lower population game mode you'd get maybe 1300coins/1300xp per win. Nothing much but sometime to entice players to the other game modes, mainly because I'm sick of playing against bots and people who stack 4 Khans on a team and think that makes them "good".