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09-11-2015, 08:47 AM
Hey there, all you forum dwellers!

With the new patch and the tournament on everyone's radar, we've decided to host a stream on sa****ay sept. 12th to celebrate the (close enough to) completion of the TGT Wikia page! We simply want to bring the wikia to everyone's attention, as it may be useful for those planning to participate in the upcoming tournament. I encourage everyone that is available to take part, as building support for this game will only advance the competitiveness and overall fun of this game!

A co-streamer and I will begin streaming TGT from the Official TGT Wikia stream (http://www.twitch.tv/tgtwiki) tomorrow, sept 12th at 3pm CST. Everyone is invited to watch or even join in our games. If we have any requests, we can also test some of the fixes from the patches live for you guys!

As an added bonus, we will be encouraging players that are looking for teammates for the tournament to "advertise" their playing ability to the community by playing alongside us. If you need players for your team, I encourage you to stop by the stream. You can see people play before giving them a spot, and the chat is a great place to discuss things in real time.

09-11-2015, 08:19 PM
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09-12-2015, 08:39 PM
Btw for everyone who doesn't know how to get to the wiki, here's the link =) Click here (http://transgalactictournament.wikia.com/wiki/Trans_Galactic_Tournament_Wikia)