View Full Version : Game Rewards

09-14-2015, 01:00 PM
Im sure this is somewhere on here i cant be only one who thinka the game rewards are skimpy, for instance no rewards for doing good no rewards for bomb Kill streaks no rewards for anything except rank daily and winning, considering how much stuff costs vs rewarded, i mean even small amounts for 5x Kill streaks deserves a small bonus even if its 100xp/gold added, cause it adds up when your doing good, and also give you as individuals a chance to make something when your teams horrible at least now its also not complete waste of time, as i see it when my team blows and im only 1 doing anything, i just wanna quit out and say screw it, its only 500 loss so all n all rewards for doing well, rewards for doing great rewards for kill streaks more balance on your system (also on side note afk campers there was a guy spinning away from his controller possibly fix that so no one can do that rather a bot then useless afk)