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09-23-2015, 01:59 PM
Watch out! Things are getting spooky in Might & Mayhem!

The team has been working hard to put together some great new content for the autumn season. In October we’ll be releasing a new Halloween-themed World Event and Alliance Raid with Halloween enemies just dying to harvest the souls of your fighters. The World Event will include 2 new playable characters for you to unlock, while the Alliance Raid will pit you against some powerful new foes, including the immortal Dracula! We can’t wait to let the haunt begin.

Perhaps even more exciting will be the introduction of Arena Trophy Tournaments. These tournaments will function like mini-seasons, where you battle in the Arena to accumulate the most Trophies in each tournament session. Players who participate will receive chests and crates for reaching baseline Trophy counts, and each season’s top-ranking players will receive up to 500 gems!

We’ll also maintain an All-Star leaderboard for total Trophies earned across all seasons, but please note: current Trophies will have no bearing on the Tournament system. While the Castle info menu will always retain your “Highest Trophy Count” stat, when the next update arrives, all current Trophy counts will be erased. So take your leaderboard sceenshots now, and save them for posterity! And before we forget, here’s a big shout-out to Silhouette for holding down the top spot for most of the last year+, and of course another shout-out to Ethefree for giving Silhouette some tough competition!

A few other things you’ll see in the next update include a brand-new chat menu that also folds in the system message system and improves private message functionality. This should also help resolve the empty chat bug some players have occasionally experienced. The cinematic battle cameras have been polished with custom cameras for individual character abilities. And as requested, we’ve added a toggle that, when activated, allows you to confirm all target selections in battle.

One final note: the evolve items for Shadow Cat will be updated to bring the rarity requirements into balance with all other characters. If you’ve collected some Shadow Cat evolve items, you might want to evolve soon before the items change. Here’s the new evolve items: Speed Gauntlets, Bone Shards, Goblin Bone (Shadow Cat → Shadow Cat II); Soul Gauntlets, Goblin Bone, Dragon Gauntlets (Shadow Cat II → Shadow Cat III); Bone Maul, Dragon Gauntlets, Bone Charm (Shadow Cat III → Mew Mew).

We’ll be wrapping up all testing and polishing over the next few weeks. So take a few extra minutes to prepare yourself for this ghoulish time of year. Remember to hold your breath when driving past graveyards. If you see a black cat cross your path, turn around and go the other way. And if a creepy vampire-looking dude invites you over to his place for dinner, just make sure he’s not serving you for the main course!

Until we meet again... hopefully in this world, not the next!

09-23-2015, 07:24 PM
Cool I can't Wait!

09-24-2015, 09:50 PM
Yay! Halloween update! I. Love. Halloween. Seriously, had my wedding on Halloween.