View Full Version : Speed Drain bug

Timothy Moser
09-28-2015, 01:36 PM
ok so I have speed drain and explosive on. I just played a game with 4 kahns, speed drain did not seem to go off on the group just the first person hit. Is this intended or it is not working properly. Speed Drain itself tool tips said when u hit an enemy with a movement buff. It does not specify how u need to hit the target only that u need to hit them.

09-29-2015, 08:38 AM
Hello there Emomiime here! Speed drain works just like you think it does. Everyone who is affected by the movement speed will be stunned if autp attacked (R2) during the duration of the buff. Again this must be an auto attack as skills do not trigger this effect (even though this is not stated in the badge description.) I'm not sure why in that's particular instance speed drain did not work, but I can vouch for that is the way it works for me when I use it. Have a good day!

Timothy Moser
09-29-2015, 11:54 AM
regardless explosive basic attacks should trigger the effect on a speed buffed enemy, but it don't. maybe we will see a fix if not it would be nice to know if the devs intended it to be that way or not.

10-01-2015, 12:48 AM
Got to love speed drain great for fighting Khans and soon Zert. As far as it being a bug I am not quite sure I can test this when i have time.

10-06-2015, 02:18 PM
Explosive basic attacks should not trigger speed drain on the additional targets. Your basic attacks explode for additional splash damage not create more basic attacks. Speed drain is only triggered by basics.

10-11-2015, 08:42 PM
I use speed drain. It works 90% of the time. Ill hit a khan with basic and he didn't slow down. But I've realized it was far range. That he could have went out of range when my basic rook bolt looked like it hit him. So I can't really relate if it is buggy or not.