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10-05-2015, 07:09 PM
I've been playing this game a couple days now and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Just played a game of Annihilation a few minutes ago, and right off the bat all 3 of my teammates scurried off in different directions. I followed one to try and stick together and give us the best chance of winning a battle. It was about 20-30 seconds into the match before the other team (travelling in a group of 4) had whiped through my team.

I understand this is an issue of strategy/cooperation.

My problem however is that for the rest of the game we kept being spawned alone, only to be killed within about 5-8 seconds of spawning as the opponent kept travelling in their whole group. Again I understand travelling in a group is good strategy.

Because of this we were done from the start. My team was unable to mount a comeback and basically I just sat there watching my champ be spawn killed repeatedly for the duration of the match.

To resolve this I may suggest a few things,

1) Do not allow this game mode to be played on a map smaller than a certain size. Because the map was so small it was impossible to regroup with my team without entering the radar of the opponent and being 1 shot.

2) Create a "Resurrection Shield" that either boosts a players defense for 3-5 seconds, boost their attack, make them invincible for a short period of time (with reduced damage to keep it fair) or a combination of the three.

3) Spawn players in pairs. I personally would not mind waiting an extra 10-15 seconds to re-spawn if it meant I would be spawned with a teammate and have a better chance of survival. The way I see it, you'd have that constant wait time from being spawn killed, so it in affect reduces your wait time.

4) A combination of the 3 options above. Personally I think spawning with a teammate as well as a 3-5 second damage reduction would be the best solution.

Thank you for your time in reading this,


10-05-2015, 07:18 PM
I agree with you completely in the fact that Its annoying to be spawn killed. That being said, most players in Annihilation currently are either bots or experienced players. The bots don't know how to regroup its not in their programming. And it is hard to regroup with your team when you can't talk to them.
Other players which it sounds like you went up against don't technically know where you are going to re-spawn they just see a dot on the map and run after it.
4 v 4 where teams work together, usually doesn't result in the "spawn killing". Usually result in a very good and fair match.
Voice chat or grouping up is a good way to avoid this, due to you probably being paired with bots or inexperienced players.

Thanks so much Backdrifts32, and if you want to find players to play with you can always join my community on psn, usually always have a group you can join.

That being said fantastic post, great Ideas! I know Kidz loves the feedback being given. Post this in the General Discussion side next time, because spawn killing isn't a bug.