View Full Version : Rook Teleport

10-11-2015, 09:51 PM
Hello everyone! I was wondering if there had been an updated confirmation that Rook's teleport is still being under construction. In the patch notes it had stated Rook's ability Shadow Mist was fixed when teleporting and falling off/through the map.

I have found almost 1 or 2 times I will fall through the map every 2-3 games. I am trying to play around more to see if it is an issue where you teleport and a corner is between Rook and the Area which Rook will be teleporting. I think that is the issue.

Temporary fix as a player: Try not to teleport in areas with obstruction in your way. I believe that is an amount of issue with the skill and Rook.

Thank you, hopefully it will be fully fixed as well as Rook jumping into spawn zone on PlunderBall and Conquest!