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10-25-2015, 10:26 AM
Someone today was Playn Khan and no matter how much damage he took no one could lower his health. He had no energy to use abilities. I don't know if this is a glitch or someone has figured out how to cheat. Players name was Apeslayer1293 on PS4.

10-25-2015, 10:35 AM
Stop with the *he must be cheating*

He used a badge called heavy suit. You created your own nightmare

Figure out how to counter.

10-25-2015, 04:15 PM
Please refrain from posting users names. Email Kiz Studios that information.

10-25-2015, 07:13 PM

This is Not a glitch or bug. If I had permission I would close this thread.

Remember to do your research. Heavy suit gives 50% extra resistance. If you attack him with your basic, you are healing him. You should have noticed it as well.
Free helpful tip. Use the strength badge Crusher. Lowers 75% resistance each basic attack.

If you don't have crusher. You have to kill him using skill damage only!

Hopefully this helped your info, my intention was to be of help and I apologise if you feel blunt feedback. No one in the community likes when there is false blame, especially the player you are accusing.

Thank you four your feedback.


10-25-2015, 11:34 PM
You have to remember that this is a team game. Each character have pros and cons, Khan when leveled up could be a walking tank.

10-26-2015, 12:16 AM
Can be a walking dead tank (:

10-26-2015, 10:44 AM
I think its hard for people to understand that each character have strengths. I play fighters myself and enjoy playing Ultra SF and MKX. I know each character have strength and weakness V.S various characters. In TGT people play two types (My personal opinion) Plunder and Annihilation. I see a lot people complain they cant kill some one in a few hits then that character (Khan) is OP. Can has speed boost and you cant damage him then he is OP. Well guess what get a rook block the ball. In plunder have a person play defense and mic up. I have won and lost many matches. I played Hangtime and even my good bud Hash from time 2 time, then get worked because they know the match up. TGT takes time to play and level up your character. No one character can beat the whole cast. Each character have strengths in each game type.

THings to do:
#1 Get a group
#2 Mic up
#3 Level up multiple characters
#4 find a psn community and like TGT FB/Twitter.
#5 add me and ill be happy to play with you.

10-26-2015, 12:32 PM
Yeah i think the shock was the blantent title of the thread 'Cheating?' .. without any research into badges or workouts done. No one is cheating people have strategic builds and you have to have a stragetic way to kill them.

Please add me on psn or hash before posted things like this again where you excuse someone of cheating who just knows alittle more. Maybe we can look into it and advise alittle better. Just a thought.