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  1. Hey. If you could answer a few questions for us it would really help narrow down your issue:

    What characters are you using?

    What items do they have equipped?

    Do you generally use the same team every time?

    Specifically, when does the game disconnect? (immediately after it starts, after a few rounds, when a particular ability is used, during a round transition, etc)

    We are currently narrowing down a couple more places where battles could potentially disconnect and any info you can provide will help. Thanks!!
  2. Hi I work so hard to get to the top in the last 12hs I've been disconnected 3x once I get into arena I check my connection and everything is fine both wifi and mobile network can you plz give me the trophies I've lost back its around 120 I love this game so much and it hurts when I loose all my hard work I'm scared to do arena now I've also sent this to DanHaney
  3. We will be updating and launching the game in new countries soon and that should help. I'll reset your trophies to 1500 right now. Thanks for your patience Sora!!!
  4. How come when ever vaxious is on I get him all the time when there is other players on I'm sick of losing to to him all the time he has higher hero's then me I feel this game is against me getting any where and getting quite frustrated with it I've lost over 100 trophies to vaxious today alone not happy pretty angry can I plz have my trophies reset to 1500 so I can start getting some where plz
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