What is your spirit animal?

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Whether it is a fierce dragon or a tiny snail, some people feel a special connection to a certain animal. This week, we asked the Might & Mayhem team about their spirit animals.

Kristian Millirons (Lead Developer)- Quetzalcoatlus

Garret Brown (Mobile Developer)- Octopus. I spray ink whenever I get scared.

Denton Heaney (Content Editor)- I like elephants.

Nick Garza (Animator)- Dire Camel

Tim Kaminski (Environment Concept Artist)- Mountain Goat

Michael Bills (Art Director)- Ron Swanson.

Corey McClammy (3D Modeler)- Mew Mew. I was ganna go with a roach, but the chances of Mew surviving a mass extinction is far greater than a roach and I consider myself the ULTIMATE survivor!

Joshua Jackson (Network Engineer)- No idea. However, according to an internet quiz, it is a Honey Badger.

Mike Yoo (Animator)- Goldfish

Tejan Jallow (Environment/Character Artist)- Monkey

Ming Zhang (Digital Illustrator)- Hmm, my Chinese zodiac sign is Ox!

Thanks for reading!
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