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  1. Okay thanks

    Okay thanks
  2. I need some contact info from someone at kiz studios

    Me and a friend have encountered somthing we would like to report but we dont want it to be abused so it would be nice if you could contact me or leave an email adress
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    Sticky: Me and a few of my friends (even a few above)...

    Me and a few of my friends (even a few above) have talked about about this and how cool it would be but all i know is im interested for sure and you can sign me up

    P.s thx for the name change 😂😂
  4. Yep thanks so much @HolyToledo

    Yep thanks so much @HolyToledo
  5. I spelled my name wrong, can i change it?

    I misspelled my username its supposed to be "Almighty_King937" is there anyway i could change it or could a dev maybe change it for me???
  6. Plunderball sudden death insta win bug

    If you grab the ball while the sudden death icon is first displayed you keep it when you are sent back to spawn resulting in an instant win
  7. Sticky: I think they should tweak the group ready-up menu...

    I think they should tweak the group ready-up menu thus making the time a tad bit longer and making it to where once all party members are ready to go you dont have to wait the rest of the time......
  8. Sticky: I agree with this thread 100% i feel as if we...

    I agree with this thread 100% i feel as if we should either be able to keep our workouts and badges or have some sort of way to save a class or something
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    Hard to make friends

    There is no sort of way to pull up a players playercard to send them a friend request and they dont show up in recent players for some reason
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    Sticky: Psn "Almighty_King937" Champ "Nexi" Looking...

    Psn "Almighty_King937"

    Champ "Nexi"

    Looking for players with mics. Add me whenever
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    Max rank?? More champs???

    I was wondering what the max rank is during the beta so far and for the devs i would like to know if there will be any new champs playable during the beta possibly?!?
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