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  1. Oh yeah, part 2. 8) *minor* The Witch...

    Oh yeah, part 2.

    8) *minor* The Witch character sits in the back row, and all of her abilities except the snowball fall short. She looks like she is nuking my front row. /shrug

    9)a. So, I reset...
  2. My random list of issues/bugs/questions/concerns so far

    Good Day again,
    I've been playing on the Android version for about a week. I started on the steam version, but figured it was easier to use the android during the day. ANyhow, here are things...
  3. Another user with errors after claiming season rewards

    Good Morning,
    This morning, I had my team doing their normal idle work. I clicked over to season, to see about the countdown. I saw there were rewards from last week's season to claim. I went...
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