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I was not argueing or yelling with hangtime I was debating. He said he disagreed with Everything I said and my ideas will make it worse. Then didn't explain any reason why he would feel that way. so i gave him a fair way to explain his points of view.

and if you guys feel that im wrong please say so but also explain why is all i ask. Example i said if you start over and feel like a casual gamer you would hate it you replyed
I apologize if I intrude the debate but it seems that it is a lot of an aggression in a post, I do not like that and would like a positive community. I do also apologize if I come off aggressive as well, I am used to many people complaining on the game.

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That is a fair counter argument you didn't say You're wrong! end of convo! But as that is said i will give a rebuttal. saying did you play solo? did you what the majority will do only play by yourself or did you have a friend play with you. i say this because if you have a friend that is level 40 you can literally put your controller down because your friends will just win the games for you.

if you did play solo. did every game feel fair to you? did you ever say in your mind well i lost before the match even started because you saw the levels of the opposing team? That is the one thing i want fixed is a even playing field. i want to be a contender but the fact that i cant gain the work outs to compete until 40th level or even test skill combinations because of the fear of losing millions of gold pieces is wrong.
Yes, I did play solo. I did not have friends. I was a lone wolf for the 40-60 hours of gameplay.

You do have a good point taking mindful thoughts. Everyone psychologically will think of what this next match will play, its how most pick characters. BUT I however just enjoy games win or lose. I got my butt handed to a lot unfortunately but I studied and figured ways around it. Got better with my gameplay as this is a first time moba player here

At level 40 and 6-10 champs maxed I am still getting my butt handed to now and then. I enjoy it because it was a good game. I understand losing gold all due to messing up builds. Well the game a month ago had it so you couldn save workouts purchased and we all already had to re-buy workouts everytime we had to switch between builds - thank god it was fixed.

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Me questioning you like that is not a attack either i want to get to the same level of thought. everyone will have there own opinion and experience of the game I'm glad you have a great one.
Add me we should talk in party, I feel we could get on a better level together. Words on a forum are not the same words you hear and observe from voice and feeling.

I don't feel any attack now that your directly speaking to me

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That's the point of this forum! It's beta lets get all the feelings out in the open If You say Kahn is overpower and needs debuffed but i come in and say Kahn is underpowered and needs upgrades. We need to get to the bottom of It now during beta. If you give me a list of reasons why Kahn is overpowered and i Only say "i feel everything you said is wrong" i give nothing back that doesn't help you me or anyone. As long as we are having a civil debate and both parties are giving infoand thoughts keep it going. dont stop the convo say agree to disagree. If you feel kahn is broken fight for it now give as much info as you can before its to late.
I hope you saying the khan thing is n example because I have not said anything about a champion being overpowered but ill assume its an example based on your wording. I agree voice is the matter for the beta. I have been voicing a lot. check out my bug thread or compilation of game changes. I update frequently.

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Smashmuck Champions never heard of it. I have heard of LOL, Dota, Heros of the Storm, and Smite. and if there trying to atleast get to contending status of those games and get to there level its so close and has so much potential its just missing a few things
Agreed but at the same time I hope they can keep it unique but original from its original game.

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I have faith in this game to thats why Im trying to help so much!!! thats why i give long *** post that take me a hour to write. Trying to get through with the people that made the game what the average people will feel when they play this beta. I would love to give only great vibes say its the best and make youtube videos about best way to play this game tips and stratagies. Thats what i want to do... but right now i need to help try to get this game on that level.

I want nothing more then kizstudio to prove me wrong and give me more faith that when it comes out people will play longer the level 10 feel cheated and delete the game. Its addicting and i will play a losing battle to the end. but when matchmaking results can be determined by doing math before the game starts by adding all the levels up if one team has 15 or more they will most likely dominate. That will turn away most players casual and hardcore.

That's the point i want to get through most of all.

Lastly I don't neglact anything anyone says if you come with a decent counter argument that i have nothing to say back to i drop it i dont fight to fight
Haha I understand, you have long posts. They are great and nicely written your hour of time was at worth. Thank you for your feedback we need ore players like you to grow.

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