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Thread: Champion Chemistry

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    Lightbulb Champion Chemistry

    Hey all,

    I was just reading the good ole stories with all the champions. I was loving the chemistry with each champion that they have with another champion.

    Example: Leatherhead and Oddilus are best friends. Oozelo is Nexi's chef and Rook is Nexi's Guardian.

    I think in the future it would definitely be cool to have a chemistry system.

    For example when Leatherhead and Oddilus is on a team they both receive a 10% buff when near another. or 5% lol

    I like that it was added in the story but it would make sense to have a chemistry system in battle as well.

    Another would be Khan and Brutus or Kovax and Minos.

    The buffs could apply to what their weakness are because having a buddy should always give you confidence in the battlefield to strengthen your weakness!

    Let me know what you all think and I know there are better or much needed things in the game but im looking in a different direction. Fun team play and future of the game.

    Thank you all for reading! Peace

    - Hash
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    Aww cute that would be a fun feature! !

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    I'm down for that makes players want to know the lore and get into the game deeper
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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance had that feature. It was a cool feature and gave you bonus xp or power boost in game.

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    This would be neat. I agree with hangtime

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    Yes, I am glad to announce this thread was shouted out from Kiz on their steam. I am glad you all see what I'm seeing (:

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    I was there! I'm glad it was recognized I'll be your rook to your nexi anytime hashky

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