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Thread: Backing out of the game?

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    dont want people to back out - make separate matchmakings for stackers and solo players and dont make level 20s play with 40s. until then people are free to back out without any guilt.

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    i agree with the lvl 20s playing lvl 40s -- the matchmaking system is flawed in that to many times i see new players put up against high lvl players including lvl 40s. Imo its going to negatively effect new player base, as getting rolled over multiple times without a snowballs chance in hell of winning demoralizes the new players.

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    it's not game's problem there's lack of level 40s, though. its the whole game concept. it is heavily based on your items and level, ergo time spent in the game. there's simple solution: adding really RANKED LADDER without items. everything unranked with items etc. right now this feels more like common mmorpg with grinding and stuff rather than competitive moba.

    OR even better idea: make ranked mode where players can actually pick their builds themselves! just unlock every badge to them. and for unranked just keep it as it is. there will always be people playing ONLY ranked or unranked, so you'd still be making money from selling coins for unranked players.

    problem solved.
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    I actually enjoy getting stomped by 4 man groups

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    That's fishy what he just said ^^^

    Add a penalty with a timer. Enough said

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    As I was specifically named in this thread, which to my mind is terrible forum behavior and not even allowed most places I felt the need to weigh in here. First just let me say there are three reasons i quit out of matches while grinding.

    1. I see friends or people I know on the other side and the teams are not fair and I do not feel like a long match of my slowing their progress or their slowing mine. This is especially true of plunder ball lately.The other leaderboard players will be happy to support me in telling you I am always happy to kill or be killed in whatever matches I am asked to fight in and can attend.

    2. I by a rare chance happen to notice that the other team is actually live and way lower level than myself and I think it is mean spirited and bad for the game to just randomly slaughter noobs for a few leaderboard points like the match making system dictates some of the times.

    3.This is the one I would like you to most hear. The best reason I have for dropping a match is I felt like it. I am a human being and need to answer the phone and eat and use the facilities. Sorry it's just true and I kinda feel getting slammed in the forums over dropping 25 or so matches ever over almost 1800 fights is just not the root of all evil sorry. I have been able to group with more of the top players lately and this for the most part is not directed at them and I thank Hash and Alex for being so supportive here and In game.

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    I see your points and I am wrong for calling you all out.

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    Good points JJ that is exactly what I was trying to get across. Many people have things going on in their life, as your perception may think he is leaving cuz you beat him or annoy him, he could be needing to attend real life situations. Case is closed on calling payers out.

    However you still make a valid point zombie on backing out penalty. That is still up for discussion. I will ask this of you zombie, could you please edit your post and erase the names of these players?

    Thank you for your points reaper and jjextreme and keeping nice as I for seen some bad energy that could have been brought with calling people out. I also thank you zombie for an apology.
    Let's keep this positive community and move on (:

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    Haha ohhh my I stumbled upon some negativity how bout we all be positive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamer420Girl View Post
    Haha ohhh my I stumbled upon some negativity how bout we all be positive
    Tone of the thread has changed GG420

    People apologized no need to stir the pot

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