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Thread: 3rd Community Tournament Info

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    3rd Community Tournament Info

    Hello my fellow good people of the Galaxy and this forum!

    I am proud to announce I will be hosting the next community tournament. I will give you the layout, as most has not been changed with the tournament but I gotta leave some Hash in this tourney

    I have not yet decided on a date since EU will be releasing soon. I want to give enough time for them and let us pass the holidays around the corner. - UPDATE Satu rday January 23rd 2016 at 12:00pm Central Time Zone

    This can give all of us enough time to work on some champions and max them out plus new champs, should be 4 or 5 new champions before the tournament!

    Here are some RULES:

    ~ No duplicate champions on same team, however, there can be multiple of a champion in one game (1 per team)
    ~ All badges and workouts are available to use at this time.

    ~Tournament will be best of 3 games. (First team to 2 wins)
    ~Each team will consist of a minimum of 4 player and a maximum of 6 players (2 subs)
    ~Each team will need a captain that will be in charge of communicating decisions to me, such as team roster, team name, game mode and bans in the matches themselves.
    ~Teams will be decided on whoever wants to team together. So communicate and figure that out. That being said just like the last tournament for those who are more solo at this time, there will be a thread created for you to find a group to participate.
    ~The captain or a team member for each team will be required to stream their game in order for refs to be able to watch the game for fair play and to be streamed for the community to see. Please label your stream title to your team name.

    How will teams que up against each other?
    We will use practice mode and have both team que up at the same time until they get into the same match.
    Bans and Game Mode will be done verbally before queing up due to short pick times in game.
    The Bracket will be set up using
    Seeds will be randomly generated.

    Exploiting bugs during a tournament is considered illegal and will result in an automatic loss.

    This will work just like the last tournament, I believe that it worked out well.
    Coin toss to decide who goes first (Coin toss will be decided using

    Ban = Neither team can play said character.

    Team1:1 Ban
    Team2:1 Ban

    Bans will be round based.

    How will this work?

    The host will join up on each team separately to figure out round ban and game mode. Then the host will explain the champion challenge which will be picked by the host and give a player a chance to pick that champion during a round to be drawn in a chance for an extra code for completing the challenge.

    Both teams as well as one tourney mod will join in a private party chat using the PS4 Party function. Only team captains and the mod will be allowed to speak.
    Other team members must communicate to team using another method (group messaging using PS4 for example).
    The two team captains, will listen for the tourney host set and go to que up for match.

    If for some reason one team plays a banned character by mistake or for any other reason. They will suffer a lose for the round.

    With a switch up of game modes I will be adding some Hash flavor.

    First Game Mode will be Conquest. The loser of the first match will then be able to pick the next match game mode. In turn, the loser of the second match gets their pick of a game mode.

    First and foremost all applicants have to be a member of the PSN community: Hashky Trans-Galactic Elite
    How to join community, its very very simple.

    To join community on PSN!
    Steps: ( because play station didn't include a search feature yet.. )
    1. Add me on PSN ( name: TheHashAssassin )
    2. Go to friends list, on the left go to communities.
    3. Friends communities.
    4. Find "Hashky Trans-Galactic Elite" and join.

    If you can't find it, message me via PlayStation ill send you an invite.

    After you and all your team members are in the community
    Follow the below step:

    Team Sign Ups
    Please send all application to my email: It works easier for me, I will then verify all members are in the community and post that you have been registered to the bracket page when it is set up!
    Also I will post on this thread, saying you're team name has been registered alongside your mates!

    Team Name:
    Sub1: (optional)
    Sub2: (optional)

    No player can play for more than one team! So choose teams carefully.

    Prizes, Because a tournament would not be nearly as fun if we didn't win something

    All Packs that are rewarded are given to us by Kiz Studios themselves! Be sure to thank them! (Thanks so much guys.)
    Only members that participated in at least 2 full game matches themselves will receive rewards. (if double elimination)(Subs do not get rewards unless they actually sub in for a member.)

    If it is double elimination Subs will have to sub in for two matches (not rounds "full games") in order to receive rewards.

    The tournament will be single elimination if there are more than 10 teams. Otherwise it will be double elimination.

    Participants that do not place will be rewarded a small welcoming pack. If you have already received one from the stream, unfortunately you can not receive another.

    Added something new, I will be giving out my personal codes I have received from the stream to give out to players who participate in my champion challenge during the tournament. Players who play a hand picked champion by me will be entered into a drawing for a code. (I will let you know which champions are available in my challenge before the games start!)

    3rd Place: 110 Chip Pack

    2nd Place: 770 Chip Pack.

    1st place: 1400 chip pack

    I am really excited to be hosting a tourney, I had placed 2nd in the last tournament with the Team Stay Free.

    Due to EU time-zones I will have to make it fair for each player. I will most likely do this on a Sat ur day around 10 or 11 am. Let me know what you all think. EU is 6-9 hours ahead of me so we all have to factor in that.

    Having a co-host will help the matches go smoother and faster. 2 matches at a time will make the tournament not feel like an all day event. If you would like to co host I'll make sure you are awarded.

    Thank you all for your support and feedback as I have been talking about this for a couple days now.

    January 23rd 2016 3rd Community Tournament Entry -

    Team Nightfall -

    Captain: psychowise
    Member1: Hangtime1984
    Member2: TrainerCharlie
    Member3: The__Massa

    Sub1: MegaManRev
    Sub2: HellKushKra420

    Hand of Titan's Era -

    Captain: FezaumLuka
    Member1: LCS_DeadMan
    Member2: TR1PA_BR
    Member3: Nathan-hu3
    Sub - Igorhenriq
    FULL Frontal Banana -

    Captain: xvxskarekroxvx
    Member1: shadow_97
    Member2: daojinn
    Member3: joshmcnemar
    Sub1: jeys_1986
    Sub2: sombombud
    Sooooooooobad -

    Captain: GREY-GOOSE215
    Member1: Kwametosis
    Member2: Caglenator
    Member3: micah1970

    Unknown Name -

    Captain: banes49
    Member1: jeelani619
    Member2: weegeeplus1
    Member3: bezzare

    TAKE A SEAT \_ -

    Captain: Enastyyy91
    Member1: Low_Lo_
    Member2: Darth_Bongatong
    Member3: Han_Trollo89

    Midwestern Back Aligners -

    Captain: Chiroboi
    Member1: WYProgamer
    Member2: Twoforfun
    Member3: mobznmobs

    Sexy Elite -

    Captain: Frickzaen
    Member1: Alexzimys
    Member2: BigBoyce
    Member3: Mike_____Moe
    Sub1: Falacy
    Sub2: Eightgategui

    Stay Free -
    Sub1: XForbiddenSmokex

    T5DOA -


    Sub - BigSxy99 and Eliteobsession

    1738 Remy Boys -


    Caustic Apology -

    Captain: Whiterice83

    Hugh Jass Wholes -


    Garbage Cats -



    I ask all Team Captain's to please add me as a friend (TheHashAssassin) on PSN and if you could at least 30 minutes before tourney come join my party chat for a discussion thanks!
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    I am still uncertain as I want to work with Europe Release. I am thinking late January or early February.
    Want to participate in the tournaments? Sign up here!

    Twitch - Hashkyy

    PSN - TheHashAssassin

    If we are friends, go to my communities and join the following for max potential of TGT friends!

    - Hashky Trans-Galactic Elite

    - Trans-Galactic Community

    - Trans-Galactic Tournament Crew

    Original Member of Stay free

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    Give us the date and when does to Euro release happen?

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    I will post official date in the next coming week, to give time for Europe release.

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    Any destiny players wanna team up? Calling it Destiny

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    I like that comment Xur. Agent of the nine teaming up to kick butt in the galactic tournament.

    I will speak with Kiz tomorrow on the EU. In the next two days I'll decide on an official date for tourney. Stay tuned.

    I will send a group message on psn and notify all communities.

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    Thank you hashky. Yo Xur there is a thread for recruitment

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    Shouldn't this be stickied? Took me awhile to find this. More than it should anyways

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    Yes, it shall be.

    In the meantime I'll make bumps for it to stay top 5 thread. (:

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