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Thread: 3rd Community Tournament Info

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    Honestly if you place you should use the chips for gold boost. Just team up and use em when it's a for sure win. Along with dailies, you should get enough gold to buy and build a character or two.

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    Hey Me and my friend both have been playing like crazy and are pretty good high win rate. Wondering if anyone could help us find a team? Or make a team with us? Lol we both have mics. Thanks for your time - Bezzare

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    There is a thread for recruitment. But message me on psn same name Whiterice83. What level are you guys. Do you have built champs. I have three people in need of a fourth and a sub would be nice incase someone can't make it. I will be on tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinn View Post
    Was talking with friends about the prizes and noticed a very large drop between 2nd & 3rd. It's a just enough for a new champ, would be nice if you could afford a costume and a weapon with it too. But I may just be asking too much being new to the tournaments. 330 seems fair as still low and roughly half of second. Would like to read anyone else's thoughts.
    I totally agree with that

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    Entered.. I look forward to seeing you all

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    Hopefully everyone is ready for tomorrow, good luck to all in what will hopefully be a very competitive and fun tournament.

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    Tournament was great until the end when it turned into the OJ Simpson trial withe multiple lawyers presenting evidence against other teams. Besides that really enjoyed it and will be back for the next as long as yall don't cheat again :P

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    By far the most challenging and competitive tournament to date.

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    I enjoyed the community and the tournament thank you guys so much for putting it on. I will be on for the next lvl 40 and ready to give you guys a sweaty!

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    That last game was really a fantastic end to a really exciting tournament to watch. Great Job everyone who participated. Everyone I saw play did a great job and are some of the best players on PSN. I also think those who worked so hard to put on this event for the community did a super job at a really difficult task. I thank Kiz who continues to see the value these events bring to the advanced players, and through their efforts online in helping educate the entire player base. I saw a lot of new ideas and strats and I am sure that has got to be valuble intelectual capital if one were keeping track of those things for any reason. The plus side public relations value of these events alone seems like it would be reason enough to expand support tournaments and other things like the streams. Maybe even if just by boosting coin give outs for tournaments, and cough more top leaderboard prizes we can get even more great players to play this great game. It can not cost that much they kinda own the cyber mint as I understand the concept. But do not mind me I tend to meander some times. But Again, Outstanding job everyone.

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