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    Exclamation Kovax Issue [Power Rush]

    Hello, awesome champion first off!

    Kovax Power Rush skill does not keep the Damage over time debuff.

    It states Gains 20% movement speed for 4 seconds and leaves a trail that deals 175 elemental damage AND inflicts -5% damage resistance and -10% skill effectiveness for 6 seconds.

    It's not working as it states.

    EDIT - I did some more testing. Even with myself dead and my trail was on ground a Bot didn't receive any damage standing on trail.

    To fix this I suggest a debuff once a player or bot has set foot on the trail. Sometimes it isn't applying at all when player is in the trail.

    EDIT - 5th test. A player was with 100 health and stepped into my trail did not die or receive a debuff.

    EDIT- 6th test. Noticed player is keeping the negative skill effectiveness and damage resistances. BUT still not receiving damage. Only receives one tick of damage when other times players take 3-5 ticks of damage. even when trail is done my witchcraft badge adds 3 seconds of debuff.
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