Hello all, I personally love this champion now that I have been practicing with him more.

Things I have noticed right off the bat is the following -

1. His basic attacks are not 18 units they are 12 units. - Seasoned Hunter Trait. Should be 18 Units

2. His Skill Falconry should Blind enemies. My enemy friend was not being blind when hit with this skill. He was able to hit me with skills and see where I was.

2B - My suggestion would be to add a silence or else a massive black/white image to literally blind the enemy. (cough) melodys bug....!!!!

3. His Trap needs to be looked into with damage. (Players have claimed my traps were not doing damage to them. They also claimed I was not going stealthed when I thought I was.)

Just some good ole information for you all.

In the End I love these two champs good implementation!