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Thread: Plunderball Overtime.

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    I personally think overtime for plunderball should be a 25 percent damage taken increase for ball holders, that stacks every minute and is not effected by debuff immunity. Also, I would not mind seeing the same thing applied in regulation after 3 mins of the ball being away. I think there is an answer for this problem based around how much damage is taken or received in overtime.

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    Hello there Emomiime here! Personally, I am a big fan of how games like World Of Warcraft does "Overtime". Essentially, after a certain period of time the ball carriers receives a debuff the longer they hold onto the ball. For TGT I also think that this would work. Possible after holding a ball for over 2 mins gives the ball carrier -10% resistance with the buff stacking every 30 seconds afterwards with additional stacks of -10% resistance. Transferring the ball should transfer over the stacks as well. This debuff should probably only go out during sudden death but maybe a minor buff could also go out during the normal match,
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    I like the long term thinking but if not fixed we should think short term as well for the tournament.

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    as someone who has been a part of an hours long OT (shout out to Big Boyce) 15min with a coin split is perfect for Plunderball

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega__Goon View Post
    as someone who has been a part of an hours long OT (shout out to Big Boyce) 15min with a coin split is perfect for Plunderball
    I have also been involved in one of theses matches and it was the worst experience I have had in this game. The real problem is that some characters are just unable to die while they have the ball. I don't think a 15 minute overtime draw is the answer I think it's just a quick fix to the bigger problem. Honestly after a 25 minute game I would also like to have a winner not just half my coins. I think a draw would be an ok short term fix, but long term is not a solution I would like to see. We need winners and losers in these games or really what is the point?

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    Something must be done about this. I just backed out of a 1 hour stand-off between Leatherhead and Khan, both of us were using heavy suit. It was not fun at all

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