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Thread: Fix Blitz!

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    Fix Blitz!

    Plunder ball Blitz can still get energy! Its frustrating when games keep going into overtime.

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    If they do this. There should be no gaining energy with conduction or sprout turret while holding a ball.

    I think adding more debuffs and slows should fix when the player holds onto ball for longer period

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    Cough he shouldn't scale with bowling cough

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    He should always have been scaled with bowling. People thinking blitz is OP just can't work harder to take him down. Speed drain is a wonderful tool or use a stun/damage and or nexi bleed to neutralize his heal and it's GG. Plus hash you're right his heal could be gaining skill effectiveness from this buff making his healing and energy gain unstoppable. If was fixed it would stop a lot of people whinning about blitz being OP. I don't use him but I'm getting annoyed.

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    Point is if he has the ball then he shouldn't gain energy. It's frustrating when your chasing him all over the map in over time. I have speed drain and it's still in affective. I want him to not gain energy while holding the plunder ball.

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    I don't agree with what your asking for zero.

    As well as I disagree with crux.

    I've seen blitz out heal nexi dot like its nothing.

    Blitz that solo q can be killed but teams he is tough. One thing that helps him right now is he is buffing his own skill effectiveness which shouldn't be possible

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    Lol stop complaining, blitz is a Crack headed yoshi! Yall ain't stopping no Crack head!

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    Reduce the healing and energy regen on his skill by 25%.

    I agree with hangtime on the skill effectiveness.

    Sonny, crackheads get stopped all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyAve View Post
    Lol stop complaining, blitz is a Crack headed yoshi! Yall ain't stopping no Crack head!

    My Zert stomps blitz *** like a goomba!

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    From patch notes:

    "Hex immunity no longer allows Plunderball Carriers to regenerate energy."

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