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Thread: Unplayable lag?

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    Unplayable lag?

    Hi, so I'm a new player who downloaded the game about two days ago, and while I do love the game I've had some really bad lag that have ruined some of my games. My ps4 is right next to my modem and I've never had any trouble playing online with any other game, but often times in a game of TGT there's a lot of skipping, and it usually leads to me shooting at a target thats no longer standing there, followed by instantly dying because I don't see anything happen in the two seconds that I was standing there. Is there an any solution to this? This seems to be the only game that I have such severe lag on so I don't feel like I can say it's trouble on my end.

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    Sometimes that happens no one knows the cause yet.

    I believe it's mainly when PS4 is updating something in the background.

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