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Thread: Game changes and issues

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    Game changes and issues

    I decided to take some time and make a list of things I think would improve the game. Thehashassasin has made a very inclusive list and some of these items may appear in both lists. This list does not include every single issue I would like address in the game and contains no champion issues. Feel free to comments or message me on psn

    1. BUFF/DEBUFF - Add buff and debuff timers that include percentages. The current in game buff and debuff indicators are not bad, but really lack the complete information some would like to see for top level play and testing purposes. By adding timers and percentages to the current setup this would allow for players to adjust their gameplay based on how their character is affected.

    2. Spell Information - I would love see a source provided to players for better information about spells. The main area of this that should really be addressed is buffs/debuffs. The basic information provide during a game is not bad, but there should be a deeper explanation of these buffs and debuffs found outside the game. Example “what on earth does blindness do in this game?” Simple the game says “unable to see” so I guess that’s what it does. That makes since now, but before the blind in the game was fixed no one had a clue what that meant.

    3. Overtime – In plunder ball overtime can last basically until a player gets tired and jumps over an edge. These games are by far the worst experience I have ever had in this game. A solution should be put into the game as soon as possible, with my personal favorite being a stacking debuff on ball carriers.

    4. Test Arena -. The current test arena is lacking since the mobs have limited health pools, meaning that with some spells you cannot even hit the abilities full potential in a test arena. The test arena should include an invincible object so that players can test builds without waiting for the mobs to respawn.

    5. Party Options - In game party options. The current in game party system is lacking in a few areas. The major one for me is that the leader has no real control other that starting to look for a game. At the very least leaders should be able to remove members. Also, currently if a member misses hitting the accept button the group looks for a game regardless. I believe that if a member does not accept the match, then the leader should be able to decide if the group should move forward with finding a match or not.

    6. Group Options - I would love for finding groups to be made simpler in this game. It is really not fun to lose to groups and have no simple way to find groups. Maybe a pre-game lobby as well as the players recently met tab including players in game and not just party members could help players.

    7. Matchmaking - New players should have to play level 40s as little as possible and when a level 40 is in the same game the level 40 should always be on the low level player’s team against bots. The game seems to love putting me on a team full of bots against three low levels and one bot. Why not just put me on the low level team and let the four of use fight the bots?
    8. Bots - I am not a fan of the recent addition of workouts to bots. I understand the reasoning behind this, but it is not good for new players. Now instead of losing to just players at low levels these players now will lose to bots, because the bots will have workouts and these players will not.

    9. Experience - Experience required to level is a bit high for new players. Being a level 40, winning the number of games required to level is not really hard. While leveling it is not nearly as easy though. It can be really discouraging to new players to win 50 percent of their games or even less. I think the experience required to reach level 40 should be lowered to help build the player base.

    10. Developer Feedback -Being someone who plays this game a lot, I feel like I know a decent amount about this games current content. When it comes to the future of this game I really have no clue what is in the works or much at all before it happens. I know that the developers stream every Thursday and answer questions and that is really cool. I personally have scheduling conflicts that prevent me from watching these streams live, but I try to watch the VODs whenever I can. I would really like more posts on the forums or through some other media to address their thoughts on issues and potential timelines for future content. More or less it would just be nice to see more communication with players about the game and its issues.
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    Definitely agree with the matchmaking. I find myself in more matches with newer players than the more experienced ones. I usually just try to make the best of it by picking a support and offering healing and buffs to try and help them win the game or pick a chartacter im not familiar with that im starti g to build to get some actual gameplay time instead of just going in and stomping through with a fully built one.

    Definitely a fan of the recently met players too. I know I mentioned that in another thread and I think Hash has it on one of his to fix lists.

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    I agree with this post. Good thorough thread I enjoyed reading your opinion very much had very good valid points and reason.

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