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Thread: Looking for Melody/grinding partners.

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    Looking for Melody/grinding partners.

    I have a very good Melody friend. We would finish games in under 2 minutes and we would accumulate coins very quickly.

    He doesn't get on everyday, and I would a substitute. Add me on PSN: Deadlywolf_JTT if you have a speedy character and maybe we can grind coins together.

    Khan's are "alright".

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    Welcome back Deadlywolf

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    If you ever see my group open in the community you can feel free to join. You can also add me on psn. I'm decent when I play against low levels and bots. -mel9008

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    This guy sucks you don't want him

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    You say that now. Wait until my full whistle, full chin-up Zert is coming after you.

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    No..... Not the zert....

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